Saturn in Virgo opposite Uranus in Pisces

Holy One –
may I marvel
at the Beauty…
every single day.

— Niles U. Comer


With the Earth dangling between Saturn and Uranus as they exact their opposition today, we can expect shake-ups in the order of things. Uranus is the planet that represents the new, the flash of lightning that in one swoop lights the landscape so we can see the road ahead even on a dark stormy night. Saturn is the planet that represents structure — that which is taking form. It also represents the gateway between the past and the future, slowing us down to learn the lessons of the present.

Pisces is a water sign, its energy is lucid, ethereal, imaginative and what we call cosmic consciousness. Virgo its opposite sign is an earth sign that reflects this energy on an earthly, material plane. It is also the sign of healers and those that serve selflessly, doing God’s work — but this is true of each of us depending on where we have Virgo in our charts.

As Saturn in Virgo now opposes Uranus in Pisces we are learning to manifest soulful values into earthly form. We are also in the dark of the Moon as the New Moon in Virgo conjuncts and triggers this opposition in the next couple of days, and this aspect is seeding the energy. In the midst of what can be considered chaos is our chance to carve a ground breaking path catapulting us into the future.

On another note, I returned earlier this evening (it’s late Monday as I write this) from a sailing trip to the BeauSoleil Islands in the Georgian Bay. We set sail Sunday evening with the sky ablaze in the sunset and anchored at the Islands as it got dark. Being on the water is always calming for me but I have never spent a night on a boat. I cannot put into words what sitting on the bow under the night sky felt like.

I saw four shooting stars, (one with a tail like jet plane,) a quasar that shone colors I have never seen and I even saw two of Jupiter’s Moons. The Milky Way itself was peppered with stars like sand compared to the rest of the sky, with it’s giant arms spiraling over us all the way to the horizon. But then there was a moment, when the wind stopped blowing, the lake was completely still and I saw the entire night sky and stars reflected in the water. It was surreal, I couldn’t tell which way was up. I was nothingness in the center of the Universe floating in the cosmic ocean — heaven and earth were one.

The day was as beautiful as the night, with the Sun playing hide and seek behind the clouds and the North winds blowing. I even did an astrology session for Ted, got some writing done, swam, biked and steered the boat back home — a day well lived in my book. Incidentally, but not surprisingly Ted’s [who was generous enough to take me out today] Neptune in his astrology chart conjuncts my North Node which explains the water connection.

Hope all is well where you are. I know its been a thunderous road to get to where we are but as the song goes… “Have a little faith, there’s magic in the night…”

With love,

Priya in Paradise…


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