Sun in Virgo opposes Uranus in Pisces, Mercury Rx in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn

Correction — I posted earlier with an error in the astrology. Mercury will square Pluto not from Virgo but Libra. I have made the corrections to the blog. Of course Mercury is retrograde! Also I recently mentioned that this Saturn – Uranus opposition was the third and final one in Virgo and Pisces. But the two planets will meet again in opposition one final time on Apr. 26, 2010 when Saturn retrogrades into Virgo briefly, after it’s ingress into Libra at the end of October 2009. Thanks Jason for pointing that out! — pk

As I write this, [12:00 PM EDT] the Moon in Leo is just passing a conjunction to Venus bringing us in contact with a core emotional desire. Venus yesterday made an opposition to Neptune, this likely brought up deep issues. We’ve had to overcome self-doubt and take a long look in the mirror and be honest with ourselves.

There can be a deeper vulnerability we’ve been hiding. With Venus in Leo the lessons of pride and ego are strong. But only in breaking through that illusion can one experience the fiery transcendence the heart is capable of.

Venus in Leo is not just our primal sexual desire, it is the same energy that is beautifully creative and spontaneously longs to express itself in the moment. We focus our minds and get attached to the fulfillment of a desire, when all we really want is a release of this energy. I had an email from Liz today, one of my dear old readers today that speaks of the astrology and energy in the sky beautifully.

This is her soul evolving, unfolding and blooming, through the Saturn-Uranus aspect and the Venus-Neptune aspects… Thanks Liz for sharing your beauty and graceful wisdom!

Hi Priya,

I discovered that all my thrashing about, thinking, wishing, analysing, or praying, was creating huge thunderous waves, so I sat very still for a day. Eventually the waters calmed to a glassy mirror. And now I can see and feel the little things I love in the moment. Like being able to grab my car keys and take off without having to tell anyone, being able to turn the lights on at 3am to paint without disturbing someone else, cranking up the music when MY favourite songs come on the radio, eating at odd hours if I want, blissful silence so I can hear the heavens talk.

All these things are like a little bag of precious jewels I carry around forgetting that I will have to part with them when I get a partner.

Having a partner may be like being a queen, but being single is like being a pampered princess who’s free to ride the winds of adventure.

I’ve sent you a pic of my hammock. It’s one of my little treasures. It’s the boat that sails me across inky seas to lands full of secrets. It’s the gentle arms of a lover and the soft folds of a cloud. It’s where I can hear heaven or hunt down images to capture then paint.

big hug

Tomorrow on Thursday there are a couple of major aspects in the sky. First the Sun opposes Uranus in Pisces followed shortly by Mercury’s square to Pluto.

As Mercury squares Pluto this can be a deeply penetrative aspect. If we are able to look inward, there can be a greater understanding of the balance that needs to be reached within our relationships. People judge themselves too much and then project their own feeling of judgment onto others. This is about honesty, fairness and renegotiating the rules so there can be mutual understanding and growth.

With the Sun-Uranus aspect prepare for a few more emotional surprises that can wash over you like grace. But the thing with grace is you have to be open to receive. Once when I was listening to a discourse on Osho, I heard him describe it beautifully – grace is like rain, it showers on us all the time. If we keep our ‘pots’ upside down, we can never be open to receive. But if we are open vessels, it fills and overflows through our being…

— Priya Kale, Penetanguishene, Ontario


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