Scorpio Full Moon & May Cosmic Weather

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It’s been a while since I posted this Blog, but a quick note to say I am back in the States again and just about resurfacing from jet lag. We’re also coming up on an intense Scorpio Full Moon this weekend asking for a deep surrender…

Passions run high, relationships and finances are in focus, and there may even be darker emotions to deal with.

Your feelings are real, but they are not reality. Breathe, surrender and let them flow through you as you ground yourself in what is real…

Below is an excerpt from the Cosmic Weather for May 2012 (sent out to subscribers) covering the energy of the Scorpio Full Moon. You can read the full report by subscribing to the service for a One Week Free Trial at this link.

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Cosmic Weather for May 2012

An Excerpt ==

“As we enter the month we’re moving through a potent Eclipse season, approaching a Gemini New Moon and Solar Eclipse on May 20, 2012 which presents us with important choices and decisions which will shape the course of our journey for at least six months.

“This makes the lead up to the Eclipse especially significant. With the Sun moving through Taurus at this time be patient as you nurtures and ground yourself in what is of true value. Taurus is the sign of the earth, it represents energy in its most physical state such as one’s body, senses, one’s commitments and earthly possessions, one’s income and the things and people we value most. It is important to remember though that people are not possessions; and even the money and things we own will return to dust one day. What matters is how we cherish these things in our lifetime.

“Early in the month on May 5, 2012 the Sun and Moon oppose each other at the time of the Scorpio Full Moon.  Situations and relationships are changing deeply at this time. Scorpio is the sign that represents evolution and transformation; it is where we merge energy with another — through life, death, sex, marriage, re-birth, shared finances or resources, among other things.

This Full Moon energy may bring deep, perhaps, unresolved feelings coming to the surface. But do what you can to stay in touch with reality; in letting go of holding on to painful emotions, they can be transformed all the while bringing wisdom.

“In Taurus the Sun asks for patience as we allow change to happen naturally rather than force or try to control it. By not clinging to what appears to be dying we can reduce the turmoil within. Ultimately Scorpio represents not just death but transformation and even relationships don’t end they only evolve and change. And the Moon in Scorpio is asking for letting go of superficial attachments to sex or money and trust that you can never lose anything that is real or of value.

“This can also be very sexual energy; in commitments, this energy asks for vulnerability and surrender (rather than trying to be in control) so there can be true intimacy. Taurus represents loyalty, and the ability to stay the course with ones commitments through the seasons, long after the honeymoon is over. Taurus is also the sign that represents self-worth so unless you value yourself you can’t expect anyone else to either. Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is in a close trine to Saturn suggesting with healthy communication we can restore a balance of power and reach a deeper understanding.”  — Priya Kale, An Excerpt from May 2012 Cosmic Weather. Read Full Report at this link.






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