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We’re in the extreme waning phase of the Moon, moving to the Scorpio New Moon at 26+ degrees, on Nov. 18, 2017 at 6:42 AM EDT.

Among other aspects at this time: Mars in Libra squares Pluto on Nov. 19, Neptune stations direct on Nov. 22, 2017, leading to a dramatic (I kept typing dreamatic) Gemini Full Moon on Dec. 3, 2017 — the same day as Mercury stations retrograde.

If the next two weeks were a book, I would say this is a mystery, ripe with plot-twists and cliffhangers…

Below are excerpts from the Scorpio New Moon report sent out to subscribers, with a detailed interpretation of the energy seeding the lunation, moving to the Gemini Full Moon.

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As you move through the deep waning phase, it might feel like something is dying — and it is — in its current form. The Dark Moon marks a time of emptying out, a release, and letting go. The less resistance you offer, or cling to what appears to be leaving or changing, the easier a transition will be.

Scorpio represents a process of metamorphosis. Every ending is a new beginning and the Scorpio New Moon is a new cycle and a chance to re-birth in awareness of the fullness of your power to attract, create, and manifest your experience of reality.

As much as this Scorpio New Moon feels like stepping into the great big unknown — all the answers, to all the questions are within you. Avoid compromising your values and stay true to your integrity above all — without that you have nothing. Go beyond the surface and veil. Trust your intuition, and listen to your inner voice guiding you forth.

Above all Scorpio asks for surrender. We have no control over birth, death, even our own hearts beating. Life is a mystery, and it is eternal. Dive deep, surrender to the life-force that sustains you, and it will be easier to be receptive to its infinite abundance and benevolence.

On a personal note — this New Moon is conjunct my Ascendant and I can feel the changes coming and the magic of it all. If you haven’t yet signed up for the Cosmic Diaries Facebook page, here is a link.  I hope to be posting there more regularly with short astrology posts, so do like the page, if you want to stay updated. More soon…

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I am available for personal Astrology Consultations. For an in-depth look at your chart to see how this energy is playing out for you, please email me at to schedule a session. (This New Moon is on my Ascendant — so you might want to take advantage of my current extreme x-ray vision.) I look forward to working with you!

Scorpio New Moon: Nov. 18 – Dec. 3, 2017

by Priya Kale

This is an excerpt from the Scorpio New Moon report a part of the Cosmic Diaries subscriber service — which includes a detailed interpretation of the astrology seeding the lunation and over the coming two weeks.

You can receive the Full report in your email by making a one time purchase below, or signing up at this link.

“…This is the first New Moon in Scorpio since Jupiter’s ingress in the sign, and the coming weeks are an immersion into this very powerful, seductive, sexual, fertile, intuitive, and potently magnetic energy. Sow your seeds wisely — what you feed, will grow.”Venus and Jupiter are the two ‘benefics’ – and their recent conjunction is spilling forth a cornucopia of delicious, fertile potential, even if we have to first wade through and release the darker, murkier stuff, to begin to realise it.”

“…Mars’ in Libra is highlighting relationships; especially those that involve sex and/or money. Mars’ energy is direct, and fiery; he goes for what he wants. But in Libra, (the sign of his fall) there is a need for co-operation, and mutual consent, (sexually or otherwise) and not exerting one’s will on a situation — which calls for self-awareness above all.

“…Relationships are reaching a turning point. But a square always points to an inner resolution, rather than trying to control or force change to happen externally.

“…With Pluto in Capricorn, we’re seeing a crumbling of the establishment. The Mars-Pluto square at best could be a turning point marking the beginning of the end of patriarchy. Still this is Scorpio, one has to be vigilant — what we’re seeing is only the tip of the iceberg; and Venus’ retrograde in Scorpio in 2018 is certain to reveal the even darker layers that lurk beneath.

“…Often abusers have been abused. Even feelings of victimisation, can ultimately only be resolved within. There’s no judge, jury, or justice in the world that can take away the pain, or change the past. But you can consciously let go of replaying painful scenarios and holding on to painful emotions, addictions, and habits, that keep you stuck; and allow space for yourself, a relationship, or situation to heal.

“…Scorpio being a fixed water sign — emotions and wounds run deep, but its power to regenerate is undeniable. You may not have begun a cycle of pain, but you always have the power and choice to end it. Become aware of your patterns, and the ways you have contributed to imbalances of power; then you can reclaim power to create a different reality, rather than perpetuate unconscious (self) destructive behaviour.

“…Consciously release expectations and attachments and you can reach a powerful breakthrough by the end of the month; revealing a way forward where you thought there was none, and the true potential in situations — which is at least twice as much as you think.”

“Mercury entered shadow at 13+ Sagittarius on Nov. 15, and stations retrograde on Dec. 3, 2017 the same day as the Gemini Full Moon (in Mercury’s sign), which marks the culmination of this New Moon cycle. You will be recovering this territory two more times between now and January, before Mercury completes its retrograde cycle — so pay attention.

“…We’re at the end of Saturn’s transit in Sagittarius. Mercury will make two conjunctions to Saturn (on Nov. 28 and Dec. 6), bringing home the lessons of the past two and a half years, asking that you remember them well as you make choices.”

“The energy builds to a climax as as we near the end of the month. If you thought you’d heard and seen it all, look again, or think again — you’re learning information that could stop you in your tracks. This is a potentially mind-blowing plot twist and cliffhanger…” Continued. Read FULL Report.

— Priya Kale, Scorpio New Moon: Nov. 18 – Dec. 3, 2017.


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