Where there is smoke…: Mars conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn


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November 2014 Cosmic Weather



Hello all,

Here are the November Monthly Horoscopes 2014.

Also very significantly we’re heading to the Mars-Pluto conjunction at 11+ Capricorn exact in just a few hours at 6:06 PM EST, with "total eclipse of the heart."the Moon in Cancer moving to an opposition to the planets exact overnight at 2:12 AM EST Nov. 11, 2014.

The energy is powerful, smoldering and you could move mountains with it. But it is also very volatile energy that needs to be handled with a degree of caution and consciousness. Where there is smoke, there likely is a fire. Trust your instincts.

People are feeling raw, sensitive and not everyone is likely to deal with this very well. But if something triggers you, watch where it may be best to bite your tongue rather than act out.

There are deep emotions, passions, fears and desires arising. Be fueled by the energy, but consciously channel it towards a goal. Rather than be unconsciously self-destructive because you feel powerless.

Regardless of all that is crumbling, there is pure, golden, potential in the ashes– a diamond in the rough — but you have recognize it. Dig deep, confront your own demons first, release attachments and you reclaim power in a situation.

Also, early this morning Mercury moved out of shadow in Scorpio, entering new territory for the first time since Oct. 4, 2014. Now we have four planets in Scorpio — including Mercury, the Sun, Venus all moving to a conjunction to Saturn this month — moving us over a threshold.

My friend and brilliant astrologer, Ben Commons, said it best in his almanac this month about November 2014 :

“So, yeah, it will be what it will be, and it could be a lot. Hopefully by the end of the month we will all have a lighter load on our shoulders in terms of issues from the past and grief. And hopefully we will also have a clearer picture of how things stand and where they are headed. The trick is that there is no trick; it’s going to require consistent attentiveness to what the days are offering and then we will have to take the plunge. Stay alert and ready.” — Ben Commons, www.commonsensetools.com

More soon! Catch you on the other side!


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