Waterfalls and rising Rainbows…: Moving to Taurus Full Moon

November 2014 Monthly Horoscopes & Cosmic Weather

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New Video: November overview & Oct. 23- Nov. 6, 2014
Scorpio New Moon to Taurus Full Moon.


Here we are in November — a milestone month.

We’re in the thick of Scorpio season, as the Sun and Venus move through the sign (with Mercury soon to follow,) approaching conjunctions to Saturn in Scorpio.

We’re moving towards the Taurus Full Moon on Nov. 6, 2014 which opposes the Scorpio Sun at 14+ degrees. And this Full Moon marks the culmination of a powerful Eclipse season, the effects of which are likely reverberate for a while to come — certainly the coming six months.

As you may know I was at Niagara Falls last week, attending and presenting at the SOTA Astrolgy conference, which began on the day of the Scorpio New Moon and Solar Eclipse.

154496_10152349678195706_600031883219345736_nI went to the falls that morning and watched the water fall, cascade and plummet from great heights to the depths, (as if to its death — violently yet gracefully,) even as it is recycled back over time back to the river, and back over the falls.

And I couldn’t help but note what a magnificent expression it was of Scorpio-Taurus axis — the eternal cycle of nature Taurus.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign — water in a constant state of evolution. And at best watching Scorpio in action, is as majestic and hypnotic and powerful as the falls, and the eagles that soar effortlessly, above.

Here’s a video I recorded yesterday that covers an overview of November, the coming week and the Taurus Full Moon.

As always, there is so much I missed saying that came to me later. But you can read a detailed interpretation of astrology for November in the monthly Cosmic Weather report. This includes among other aspects the Taurus Full Moon, the Mars-Pluto conjunction, the series of conjunctions to Saturn, the Sagittarius New Moon. And of course Neptune’s direct station mid-month — as if waking us up from a dream.

Subscribers can look for this and the November monthly Horoscopes in your email between today and tomorrow. If you aren’t yet a subscriber, you can sign up here for a one week free trial to receive these and other recent horoscopes and reports in your email.

For now, as I write this the Moon is in Pisces, Venus in Scorpio is in a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Capricorn sextiles to Neptune in Pisces. And the planets continue to make harmonious aspects as we move to the Full Moon.

This is very fertile, seductive energy — where you can actually make something of your dreams. But you this likely also means 1962857_10152349813810706_8827603517467785600_nletting go of an old dream, or attachment to something you’ve outgrown.

The sands are beneath your feet are shifting, and a situation is evolving, ever so subtly but quite powerfully so. Perhaps deep in the shadows where you can only sense and feel it. Or like deep beneath the surface within the womb of the earth where you can’t see it until something is ripe and ready to bear fruit.

As the planets march towards Saturn this month, the weight of change hangs heavy. And the Taurus Full Moon is bringing you the first first fruits of the seeds that were planted at the Scorpio New Moon.

As the revelations pour through over the coming days, be honest about what you want to keep and the baggage you need to let go of, as you move into this next chapter. Accept reality as it stands, even if it is painful or bittersweet — and you can find your power within a situation to create the change you need.


Priya Kale


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