‘Soul’ar Eclipse and Painted Soul…


every time I see the
sun rend the
I am reminded of
the gentle wisdom of scars.

— Niles Comer


Dear Readers and Friends,

We are deep in womb of one of the most significant in Eclipse’s of our collective lifetimes. It will be the longest one in duration that we have seen in 100 years… We are now seeding our future, setting powerful patterns for at least the coming six months so don’t underestimate the power of change now.

Also it is with great pleasure and honor that I present to you on this day, Painted Soul’ by Niles Comer a blog dedicated to nurturing our experience of the every day mystical, the Sacred and of learning to taste and see that God is good.”

You can access the blog regularly from the Painted Soul link on the top of this page. Of many things, Niles is a gifted writer, poet and mystic, I am proud to know, love and learn from each day. I pray his gift touches and heals your souls as deeply as it has mine.

With blessings and love on this magical Eclipse day,



Here is an excerpt from the New Moon report I’ve just written…


“On July 21, 2009 at 9:34 PM EST and on July 22, 2:34 AM UT and 12:34 PM AEST, the Sun and Moon will conjunct at 29+ degrees of Cancer. This marks the second Cancer New Moon and the second in a series of three Eclipses this season.

“On June 22, 2009, we had the first New Moon in Cancer and since then the Capricorn Eclipse brought a revelation of reality as it stands. Now that we’ve had a chance to review what came to light we are actually getting a second chance in one area of life to start over armed with truth. Over the past month the energy has been heavily focused on our emotional and financial commitments and agreements. Rules are fast changing and there have been overwhelming emotions and insecurities to confront, and political agendas to navigate. It also has been important to recognize patterns within our relationships, if we want things to be different.

Even as we reach the end of a cycle, this Solar Eclipse marks a powerful new beginning. In astrology, rarity racks up points pretty quick. This Eclipse is the longest one in duration that we’ve seen in a 100 years and the longest one we will see for another 100 years. Also interestingly, the Sun and Moon are rulers of Leo and Cancer respectively and this Eclipse occurs on the cusp of these signs. This is suggestive of the changes happening on a very core individual level of consciousness and emotional make-up. The change happens within and then ripples and radiates out into our Universe…”

Click here to download Full Report

— Priya Kale, NYC, July 21, 2009, Cancer New Moon and Solar Eclipse

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