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We’ve been washed over by the energy of a beautiful Full Moon in Virgo. In spite of the devastating events, we have to trust the energy is only asking us to clean up our act; as individuals and a planet, so we can see with fresh eyes.

For me personally the astrology could not have been more on point. I’ve been praying for “Mary Poppins” to come help me with spring cleaning. With the Sun and Jupiter in Pisces in my 4th (relating to home) and my friend Ayesha called me out of the blue OFFERING to come clean my apartment and even came over with supplies. I have Virgo intercepted in my chart, which makes the energy harder for me to access.

When there is an interception in a chart this is one way it expresses itself. There is a sense of striving for something but the effort never being enough. Cleaning is literally a “chore” for me; something I feel like I am “always” doing but it’s never enough. It is also as I have also read in a book by Barbara Hand Clow it is also a lesson the soul specifically comes here to learn. Also interestingly my mother who has a Virgo Moon is coming to visit this week for a couple of weeks from India, hence the Spring Cleaning.

So this is a quick note to say I will be back with the March Monthly Horoscopes over the next day or so. In the meanwhile, you can read the an excerpt of the Virgo Full Moon report in the blog below this one. The full report contains an in-depth analysis of the major aspects over the next two weeks leading to the Pisces New Moon.

Hope all is well and the Full Moon has treated you kindly. The Moon is now in Libra past her conjunction to Saturn and will square Pluto early Tuesday in NYC. With the Moon in Libra, be nice…

— Priya Kale, NYC


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