Heavenly Virgo Full Moon…

Hello and welcome to a heavenly Virgo Full Moon…

There are major aspects developing now at the time of this lunation and over the next two weeks as we lead to the next New Moon in Pisces.

Later this week, Venus conjuncts Uranus, then enters Aries and forms a T-square with Saturn and Pluto. This at the same time as Mars stations direct in Leo after a long retrograde phase. Expect relationships, financial and creative situations to heat up over the next couple of weeks.

You can read more about these aspects in-depth in the full Moon report at this link. Now as the Moon grows Full in Virgo opposite the Sun and Jupiter in Pisces, we are already seeing the very real effects of this energy manifest across the globe. Here is an excerpt in light of the recent natural disasters.

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Virgo Full Moon, An Excerpt ==

“We’re leading up to a heavenly Full Moon in Virgo in opposition to the Sun and Jupiter conjunct in Pisces. This lunation occurs at 9+ degrees of the Virgo-Pisces axis at 11:37 AM EST….

“…Now as the Moon grows Full, there has been another earthquake and we’re expecting tsunamis across the world. I’ve been watching the news and compared to last month’s coverage on Haiti, it’s scary how little we are hearing of the current events in the US news. It’s almost as if we become jaded with each passing disaster. It’s long been proved that the Moon affects the tides, with the Sun conjunct Jupiter in Pisces this is a lot of water energy. With the Moon in opposition in Virgo, the earth seems to be crying out for healing.

“I am not one to “predict” disasters, but if things continue the way they have been, we have the middle of the year to watch out for. This is the earth re-balancing her energy, so resources can flow to those need. We live in a world where too few have too much, while the rest are left fending for them selves. This is no longer an issue of nations but a global concern and crisis.

“Unless nations come together to pour more resources into a relief fund for such disasters, we are all going to be deep water pretty soon. In the light of the recent disaster I would be surprised if this didn’t emerge in the news and Universal consciousness over the coming days. With the Sun conjunct Jupiter in Pisces, this is the wisest and most soulful move we could make as a planet.

“It’s true, it’s sad that it takes disaster to inspire our compassion. By mid-year at the time of the next set of Eclipses we will reach a major turning point with these events. Hopefully there will be no more ‘disasters,’ that can be avoided. Chile’s earthquake was 800 times more powerful than the one in Haiti. They were “prepared” for a natural disaster. Although even one life lost is a life too many, imagine if they weren’t prepared.

“But sadly we don’t need to rely on imagination. Look at how many lives could have been saved in Haiti. (I believe this is the point Niles was trying to make in a recent blog.) If we can work now to get infrastructure in place to the countries most susceptible to such disasters, we can prevent more unnecessary damage. Of course we don’t need astrology to tell us this, but the astrology could NOT be more emphatic of this fact now.

“God works in mysterious ways. Ours is not to question, just be available when we are called to action. In Virgo the Moon, is channeling this deeply spiritual energy asking us to become emotional channels as we embody a greater depth of awareness. We are indeed waves of the infinite cosmic ocean. What affects one of us affects us all and we can no longer remain in denial of this fact. Hopefully the greatest gift that can emerge from this recent disaster will be the recognition that we are indeed one planet. We are part of a larger whole. Until society and we as a planet wake up to the greater and deeper “spiritual reality” of our existence, we will continue to be thrashed around like waves in a storm.

“The planets in Aquarius, 2012 and the Mayan calendar, all the prophecies point to a great awakening of the human race. It is true we are undergoing a huge evolution in human consciousness. This is very real shift we are seeing happen on subtle levels. Those in deepest denial are the ones who are in for the rudest awakening.

“On a personal individual level as well, we are expanding in our consciousness and awareness of our gifts. Be wise and soulful in your choices and generous with your gifts. With the Moon in Virgo, allow this energy to wash over and soothe your worries rather than get worked up about something. The Moon will also trine Pluto suggesting we growing and maturing to a deeper understanding of something. ” — Priya Kale, Feb. 28, 2010, Virgo Full Moon report. Read Full Article.


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