Sun in Scorpio…

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On Friday, the Sun moved into Scorpio and sextiled Pluto on Saturday, bringing a deep awareness of the available potential within situations. But there has also been a recognition that for progress to happen, there will have to be change.

On Sunday Mercury squares the Nodes suggesting there could be important conversations, marking a turning point towards destiny and the future we are trying to build. With Mercury in Libra be as honest as you can, without getting argumentative. There is the need for heartfelt and unbiased communication that takes both parties needs into consideration. This is about balancing the scales to bring greater peace and harmony which can only come with truth.

Scorpio is one of the most mysterious signs. With the Sun in this sign the next four weeks are taking us into the deeper realms of emotion, commitment and surrender. On Saturday the SunIt represents primal sexual forces of desire and our final attachments to this physical world; asking that we recognize we are more than the body and there is more to life than this material world we will in.

Scorpio is the sign the represents life, death, sex and re-birth — an evolutionary sign. As the second water sign, Scorpio represents water (matter) in its state of transformation. Water needs to boil to an extreme temperature before it evaporates into vapor, transcending its physical form. Suggesting the intense pressure required before there can be any change. There is needs to be a conscious burning of impurities and confrontation with our own darkness if we want to evolve to a higher state of being.

With Pluto as its ruler the process is entirely achemical, magical and mysterious taking us to a deep surrender to the unknown. As the Sun moves through Scorpio over the next few weeks, we are evolving deeply to find true essence. But this means letting go of the darker fears that keep us from stepping into the unknown. For something to be transformed it has to ‘die’ in it previous form. But it is our attachment to the past, its pain, pleasure and ghosts, that keeps us from experiencing and surrendering to the infinite mystery of the present moment.

Scorpio asks that we let go and have faith as something unfurls. Like the phoenix that rises from the ashes, what is considered ‘destructive’ is only the death of the past making room for new life to be birthed. The only constant thing in this world is change, which is what makes every transient fleeting moment so precious.

The climate we stand under is not for the faint hearted. Relationships are changing deeply and profoundly. In Libra we learned what a delicate dance relationships can be — the balancing of two individuals. Scorpio’s energy takes us deeper towards merging of these two “self’s.” It is the sign opposite from Taurus the sign of resources and values, where we merge our resources and values with another. This means are deeper more intimate relationships as well as financial business relationships will be highlighted now.

Financially as well as sexually, this is about merging with another at the deepest level of commitment. Avoiding manipulation in honor of the new ‘life’ or venture that is due to be birthed by the union. Surrendering attachment to earthly possessions does not necessarily mean leading a hermit’s life or a life of celibacy; but recognizing the true value of our sexual and financial relationships that goes beyond physical gain.

Emotional ‘attachment’ can be a beautiful thing if one is able to dive so deep into it, that the boundary between self and the other disappears. Not wanting to control, manipulate, own or possess another but when another’s happiness, success and growth, becomes a flowering in ones own being; that we too reap the rewards of.

To truly experience the transcendental magic of the Scorpio energy, is to merge with another on the level of the death of two ego’s.  This is what leads to orgasmic states of bliss and transcendental union, granting a glimpse into the divine — showing us only love is eternal. Scorpio asks that we tunnel through the darkness consciously, if we want to reach the light of that which is real and indestructible in essence.

— Priya Kale, [back in] NYC

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