Weekly Horoscopes for Week of Oct. 24, 2009

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The Sun has now entered Scorpio, taking us into the deeper emotional realms of surrender. I’ll be back in a few hours with an article on the Sun’s ingress into Scorpio and aspects for the weekend. In the meanwhile, the Weekly Horoscopes have been posted to the site. Here are sample forecasts for the water signs…



Sample Weekly Horoscopes for the Week of Oct. 24, 2009



You are entering a phase of solidifying your foundations and building the kind of home and security you need. But at the same time you may be filled with a desire to escape a difficult situation — anywhere but here. Or there may be a situation calling you overseas or to the distant shores of your imagination. Emotionally, financially you can have the freedom and security you crave as long as you are transparent with those involved. You are learning the lessons of honesty within your most important relationships. Without which even the most fancy home will crumble with a puff of a wind. A house does not make a home, so make sure you are separating your fantasy from a deeper truth that is coming to your awareness.

2009 Horoscope MID YEAR SALE| Weekly Horosocopes | Personal Consultation


You reach an important turning point within a professional situation this week giving you the opportunity to reclaim your lost glory. It may seem scary and feel like a risk, but when have you been known to shy away from surrender? Often it is you that stands in the way of your success rather than any external threats of failure. Over the next six months or so you are discovering your true place in the world by taking creative risks daily, consciously. This is also the beginning of a two-year phase of deeper soul search, one that will anchor you in the greater benevolent love that surrounds you. There is at least one soulful relationship you share that wants to offer you the kind of emotional and financial security you’ve longed for. But more than anything tangible, this is teaching you about the deeper meaning of belonging and your most sacred relationships. This includes God and all those that bring you closer to him.

2009 Horoscope MID YEAR SALE| Weekly Horosocopes | Personal Consultation


You are entering a hugely karmic phase within your life and within your deepest intimate and financial relationships. You may fear this is the end of your sense of freedom and adventure. Be willing to look at your own doubts, suspicions and fears rather than project them on another. There is a deeply intimate, sexual or creative partnership that could tangibly and emotionally go a long way in improving your sense of well-being. But this will mean you must be willing to listen to the truth being spoken. If you face your fears consciously you can now develop agreements and relationships that are rock solid in this ever-changing world. It may feel like a delicate balancing act. But as long as you can be honest with yourself and others at all times, this will only deepen your commitments, leaving you free to roam.

2009 Horoscope MID YEAR SALE| Weekly Horosocopes | Personal Consultation

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