Sun sextiles Ceres in Leo

Happy Thursday! Mercury has now stationed direct, but will still take a few days to come back to full speed. Don’t forget this came hot on the heels of an Aries Full Moon, so no doubt there are some major realizations setting in.

Today the Moon continues its journey through Taurus helping ground these almost volatile emotions that may have surfaced, bringing us a deeper understanding of where are values truly lie. With the Sun in Libra we are learning the importance of co-operation to reach our highest aspirations.

Today the Sun sextiles Ceres in Leo. Ceres was one of the first four asteroids discovered and she astrologically represents the nurturing we received as children and the roles we play in our relationships now. There seems to be a fiercely protective quality to the energy now which may be translating within our relatonships. Thus can also be a healing aspect if we can find release in creative activities.

We’ve been through an intense period of reflection and there aren’t too many aspects taking place between major planets over the next few days giving us a breather from the energy. Overnight the Moon enters Gemini, and tomorrow will likely help ease the communication along helping us find words to tangled feelings. Today’s Taurus Moon is asking us to come back to center and find what is most important to us.

I hope you have fantastic rest of the day!

With love,


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