Sun-Venus-Mercury Triple Conjunction, Moon in Pisces

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Dear Friends,

We are past a Full Moon in Aquarius, which likely brought deep revelations about our desires, fears and even insecurities. It also asked for courage and confidence, if we want to move towards the freedom we seek.

Tomorrow, the Sun Venus and Mercury meet in a triple conjunction at 23+ Leo. If you have planets or angles of your chart at this degree, you are likely to feel this conjunction more significantly.

When planets meet in conjunction, their energies fuse together. The Sun makes an exact conjunction to Venus at 8:07 AM, Mercury conjuncts Venus at 7:20 PM EDT and Mercury conjuncts the Sun at 9:04 PM EDT.

In Leo, this is like a single pointed laser beam of consciousness. This is the sign that most represents the self, ego, creativity, passion, sexuality, courage, honesty, truth and integrity.

Venus is in the heart of the Sun, in the sign ruled by the Sun, and that rules the heart. A warm heart can shelter those in need for compassion, as much as it can disarm ‘enemies,’ open doors and arms to welcome you. And sometimes all that is needed, is for one to drop their defenses and look at a situation more creatively.

Mercury is retrograde suggesting we can recolor our memories, allowing us to look at something with new eyes to see its potential and beauty. Of course all that glitters is never gold and Venus’ presence is a reminder to stay true to oneself and ones values.

In all communication speak and listen from the heart. You could be re-negotiating key financial and personal arrangements so they reflect a deeper personal truth and align with personal values and integrity. “Know thy self.”

As Venus makes this conjunction she then disappears behind the Sun into the night sky until June next year when she meets the Sun again. This is symbolic of what is happening with love, relationships, finances and our creative energy. Over the next few months we will have to go deeper into our consciousness and the darker recesses of our psyche to tap Venus’ energy.

Love is definitely present. But this is in Leo, suggesting we enjoy it deeply, spontaneously and freely in the present rather than something we cling to. This is the energy of new love, romance and  experienced shared and enjoyed in the present rather than clung to. Over the next few months as Venus disappears into the night sky we have the opportunity to deepen intimacy – but this will also mean confronting honestly, the darker side of passion; and learning to keep the flame of love alive even in times of darkness and [perhaps physical] ‘absence.’

Another major aspect occurs on Aug. 18, 2011 when Mars in Cancer sextiles Jupiter in Taurus. This could bring a voracious appetite [of all kinds] and there may be the tendency to over-indulge. No one said there’s anything wrong with too much of a good thing. Use your common sense and you won’t go over-board.

On Aug. 25 Mars will square Saturn, bringing serious issues to be dealt with. But this is also due to be a turning point from all that has been so difficult recently. Also, Mercury will stationed direct on Aug. 26, 2011 and we can begin to make solid progress.

Currently the Moon is in Pisces and will enter Aries late Tuesday at 8:10 PM. Under these stars, while the Moon is still in Pisces this is very imaginative, creative energy, so dare to dream; once the Moon enters Aries, it will be time for action to bring those dreams to life.

– Priya Kale, NYC


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