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Dear Friends,

The Moon is now in Aquarius and heading towards a big bright and beautiful Full Moon in the sign tomorrow at 2:57 PM EDT on Aug. 13, 2011. At this time, the Sun,Venus and Neptune in close conjunction in Leo, as they oppose the Moon in close conjunction to Neptune.

Expect drama and fireworks. Passions are being inflamed, and self-awareness will be key or we could end up projecting fears and fantasies, rather than opening our hearts to be touched. Especially when it comes to love and relationships, lower your defenses, let go of ego and pride, instead acknowledge your own desires and where you feel vulnerable.

There may even be a sense of disillusionment to deal with. But in facing this courageously, we can see how valuable it is to be freed of illusions, so we can recognize and create a reality that truly inspires us.

Acknowledge your needs to feel connected, rather than isolate yourself for fear of being judged. There may be the need for acceptance from another, or those around us – but only in self-acceptance can we really begin to shine and show ourselves for who we are unashamedly.

Mars’ recent opposition to Pluto has taken us to the end of the road with certain situations. In letting go of the past and expectations for the future, we can create something new and beautiful in the wake of the destruction.

Most importantly the Sun and Venus trine the North Node at the time of the lunation suggesting the roads are clearing. There may be surprising revelations, perhaps even magical turnarounds. It may require taking a bold risk, but if you follow your heart it is likely to lead you right to your destiny.

– Priya Kale, NYC





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