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Beloved Friends,

Welcome to the Taurus Full Moon…

In case you haven’t read them already here my two recent posts describing the energy of the lunation — Taurus Full Moon | November Cosmic Weather & Serendipity, Illusions and Reality. Or just look around your life, read the news today and you’ll get a feel for this seductive, mysterious, dark, sexual, sensual energy coming to light…

Also Mars enters Virgo tomorrow on 11.11.11 and will remain in the sign for 7 months during which it will station at the end of January and finally enter Libra in July 2012.

This is a long transit by any means for any planet and Mars being a personal planet is likely to affect us in a very personal individual way. In Virgo be conscious of critical energy. There may be difficult lessons to be learned at this time but the transit also suggests with concerted effort there is little that can’t be accomplished under this transit bringing the potential for deep healing on every level — mind, body and soul.

Given the significance of this transit I’ve written a special set of Horoscopes for the transit of Mars through Virgo over the coming 7 months, including important dates for Mars’ retrograde station. You can purchase these below by clicking the button below. (Note to Subscribers: The horoscope has been mailed to you already so please do not buy again. If you have not received it please check your spam or email me to let me know.)

On another note, a lot is being said about 11.11.11. Although it has no particular astrological significance, numerology too is a mystical science. And although my knowledge of numerology is limited, the fact that enough people (our collective consciousness) think this is a significant date, any concerted effort to promote well-being, forgiveness, peace or general good vibes when it comes through a collective is naturally more powerful.

That said, as we bask under this luscious sensual Taurus Full Moon and with the planets the way they are, it’s time to dive deep, surrender, let go, laugh, forgive, and most importantly, make Love, not war…

With love and Full Moon Blessings,



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Horoscopes for 12 Signs: Mars in Virgo- $8.00

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(Read Mars in Virgo Sample Horoscopes here)

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(Horoscopes are written for all 12 signs. Your reports will be emailed to you within 2-24 hrs of purchase.)

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