You’ve been soul searching, questioning life decisions, and whom you can trust. Your faith has been tested and a lot is unknown, but the Libra Full Moon is revealing the next steps. Reflect on your life, health, work, and daily routines. Acknowledge what is and isn’t working, and what needs to heal. With awareness, you can make healthier choices daily to restore balance. De-clutter, simplify, and beautify your workspace and life. Also, partners aren’t mind-readers – if you need help don’t be afraid to ask, share how you feel, and share your dreams. pay attention to who shows up and who listens. You’re waking up to subconscious beliefs, communication patterns, blind-spots, suppressed emotions, and insecurities that cast a shadow on your perceptions or cause unconscious self-sabotage. But the darkest hour is before dawn. As a powerful Solar Eclipse aligns in Aries, move inward to connect with your innermost divine Self within. Then trust and have faith in the Universe that pumps the blood in your veins, and sustains you, and your whole life, as you step into the light. Once the Sun ingresses and Mercury stations retrograde in Taurus, you’re entering a process of re-identification; re-evaluating who and what matters to you. Be honest with yourself as you unearth a deeper truth about yourself, your relationships, and your true worth. It’s at least twice as much as you think. Events this month are setting in motion an 18 month phase of transformation. For a more personal in-depth look at your chart email me at priya@cosmicdiaries.com to schedule a Consultation. I look forward to working with you!

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