Uranus in Aries: 2011 – 2018 | Time to Wake Up!

Note: I wrote this article before news broke of the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. That this would happen hours before Uranus changes from a water sign to a fire sign is another unbelievable example of how energy manifests. We have to have faith though that there is a greater plan in action and I offer my heartfelt prayers and support to all at the heart of this crisis.


We are now moving through the last few hours of Uranus’ transit through Pisces for the next 84 years. Uranus enters Aries on Mar. 11, 2011 at 8:21 PM EST and on Mar. 12 at 6:51 AM INT here in Mumbai.

Over the past few months with Uranus at the very edge of Pisces, people have been feeling at the end of their rope. But even where there has been disillusionment, it has still ultimately brought the gift of clarity.

Uranus’ energy is electric. It is the planet that represents innovation, invention and the breaking of boundaries leading us into the realm of the new, unexplored, undiscovered and unknown.

Over the next 8 years, consider this a time of pioneers, revolution; raw, primal potential and energy bursting into action.

As much as there may be excitement for all that is new and an awakening to a greater sense of self, there may be also times when it feels like being lost in a new world.

As Uranus ingresses Aries it will also conjunct the Aries point. This is due to have global effects that affect us individually and collectively. Keep your eye on the news.

Every answer, to every question, exists in the present moment; astrology works on this basic principle and cosmic law. Planetary ingresses (the moment when a planet enters a sign) will give us a picture of energy of the transit, in this case over the coming decade.

A look at the chart suggests solidarity and a potentially rather fortuitous and benevolent period in spite of major changes; in some cases upheaval, with the feeling of being uprooted and stranded.

Venus is approaching a trine to Saturn; the Moon in Gemini forming a Grand Air Trine with the planets. Grand Trine in air signs can open up a ‘whirlwind’ of energy. Mercury and Jupiter form in a Kite aspect to the Trine, offering a channel for wisdom and honest communication, to pull us out of a cycle.

Above all Jupiter suggests a need for faith in oneself. And in it doesn’t matter if we don’t have faith – but it sure makes things lot easier if we do. Faith is not mental, faith is as real as existence itself.

Emotionally there may be vacillation between desiring both freedom and commitment. Communicate how you feel rather than analyze or rationalize, and you can find a healthy balance. Venus in Aquarius suggests there is nothing normal about love and or relationships right now. Allow for space, acceptance and celebrate your differences.

Very significantly at the time of the ingress, the Sun in Pisces is rising at the horizon – clearly and profoundly suggesting a new day dawning, new consciousness arising, and time to wake up. But as my friend [and teacher] Eric Francis recently astutely observed – there are those who choose to remain in denial.

Some are suddenly becoming aware of their limitless potential and unchanging essence excited to take on the new. While others are still trying to hang on to a dream even though the alarm bells are going off.

Uranus will also square Pluto over the coming year and years. This spells for a revolution on the global front. But on a very personal level as well, expect to be moving past and breaking through generational, societal and parental patterning and conditioning to discover new desires and possibilities.

We are like sponges, we absorb emotions and hold on to them rather than letting them pass through. With Mars ruler of Aries in Pisces, there may be deep subconscious fears and emotions stirring. Look for the root of your fear or any resistance, rather than gloss things over.

A lot depends on how we meet our challenges. And as I’ve said before these challenges are not sent to break us down but to help us grow. Aries represents action and childlike curiosity. With Uranus in a square to Pluto in Capricorn we’re moving past layers of guilt, deconstructing age-old beliefs to respond to the present.

With Mercury approaching a square to Pluto, there is a need to overcome self-doubt and mental fears that we will be punished for our actions. We are not children any more, be wise, stay rooted in your core integrity and let go of rules and tradition for traditions sake. This is not about rebellion, but rather wisdom and maturity as we stay true to an inner compass.

We are each the center of our Universe, creating it with our actions [Karma.] Selfishness is not an option and living in denial is like being asleep at the wheel.

It certainly will require a certain amount of self-awareness to make the most of this energy and direct it consciously. But ready or not there’s no looking back from here. We can’t change the past, but we can make choices in the present that support our deepest desires, creating our experience of reality each moment as we live it.

Any form of divination ultimately only “mirrors” truth that is within – as above, so below. Astrology is not about belief in some better day will come, rather it teaches deep acceptance of the present.

It’s about becoming aware of the potential of here and now – the eternal moment, which carries within it the seed of infinite possibility.

— Priya Kale, Mumbai, India


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