Pure Gold | Venus conjuncts Mars in Scorpio

If nature’s red in tooth and claw
Like winter’s freeze and summer’s thaw
The wounds she gave me
Were the wounds that would heal me

And we’d be like the moon and sun
And when our courtly dance had run
Its course across the sky
Then together we would lie

And out of the confusion
Where the river meets the sea
Something new would arrive
Something better would arrive

— Sting, I Was Brought To My Senses.


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Hello there,

At 5:58 PM EDT on Sunday, Oct. 3, 2010, Venus conjuncts Mars in Scorpio.

Relationships, as well as financial and creative situations, are reaching a climax. This can be tangibly lucrative and profitable energy as much as it is creative, sexual and divinely intimate.

This is not for the fainthearted, nor a time to be distracted by superficial pleasures. Truthfully, anything shallow won’t stand a chance. But as magical and potently alchemical as this energy is, this is Scorpio, so prepare to reveal and discover darker secrets, not all of which may be easy or painless to deal with.

This is deeply penetrative energy (no pun intended) that is showing us the (perhaps dark) heart of a situation. Release anger, pain, jealousy, fear, rejection or whatever it is that causes suffering as consciously as possible. This is not a “mental” thing, but rather a very visceral transformation.

Avoid trying to control someone or something, and especially be in no denial of your own desires, either. We don’t control anything, and the day we can surrender the illusion that we do, God or the Universe steps in to reveal a higher, immortal truth. This is an ego death.

You can’t change another, but you can change yourself and your responses. Be honest about your values surrounding sex and money. Where did these come from? And how much past baggage from previous relationships are you projecting onto your current relationships? Look at what needs to change within to allow for a greater flow of intimacy, trust and tangible prosperity.

It is not desire that brings suffering, but our attachment to the fulfillment of those desires that brings suffering. Personally, I feel that one of the most self-destructive things that we can do is withhold love or intimacy for fear of being hurt. Scorpio represents a deep exchange of energy, where someone or something is forever changed by the contact.

But if one’s earliest or previous experiences have left scars of abuse and mistrust, then naturally it can be scary to let go and let someone in again. We cannot change the past, and we cannot change what we don’t acknowledge. How long can we let past memories haunt and prevent us from experiencing reality as it is today?

As humans, we reject half of all existencem or all that we consider to be “bad.” But only in total acceptance of what brings us pleasure as well as pain can there be true growth, evolution and transcendence to understanding — that all is indeed divine.

No matter what feels like it’s ending or dying, this is a case of the phoenix rising from the ashes. Dare to go deep and remember: the only way out is through.

Only love is real. And what survives this encounter will be pure gold.

— Priya Kale, NYC


I’ve written a longer article on this Venus-Mars conjunction, which I’m finishing up. I will hopefully have it up on the site later today, along with the October Monthly Horoscopes. Also, last evening I recorded a podcast with Scott Follmer talking about the astrology for the coming week (the Mars-Venus conjunction, Libra New Moon and Venus retrograde in Scorpio) so please check back in. Thank you.


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