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Welcome to a new week…

We are now in Eclipse season with a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Gemini next week, and today on Monday, May 23, 2011 Venus and Mars conjunct in Taurus coloring the energy for the week and this Eclipse cycle. This aspect is bringing a cornucopia of delights, oozing with fertile financial and creative opportunities and opportunities for deep sensual pleasure.

Here is an excerpt from the May 2011 Astrological Overview sent out to subscribers at the beginning of the month:

“Perhaps the most significant aspect this month comes around the end of May when Venus-Mars conjunction in Taurus. This can be rather indulgent energy and is laden with rich, luscious and fertile possibilities – financially, romantically and creatively. The next conjunction will not be until 2013 in Aries, making this a rather rare aspect. What we make of it will depend on our ability to recognize the potential in something or someone [and more importantly what it means to us.]

“These planets usually conjunct once ever 2 years, but recently since 2008 (the last conjunction before that was in October 2006 in Scorpio) we’ve had a series of Venus-Mars conjunctions in close succession suggesting a situation or relationship that has been in a rapid state of evolution.

“Venus-Mars were conjunct in Libra on Sep. 12, 2008, in Aries on April 22, 2009, then on June 21, 2009 in Taurus, on Aug. 21, 2010 in Libra and the most recent one on Oct. 4, 2010 in Scorpio. Look back to these dates and you will see a greater pattern emerging in financial and creative situations, relationships and especially a close personal relationship you share.   Especially look to the time around of Oct. 4, 2010 when Mars and Venus made a conjunction in Scorpio. We were learning deep, dark perhaps painful truths and secrets at that time especially surrounding sexual relationships and financial commitments. Things were changing deeply back then and we were certainly put in the ring of fire.

But as the planets conjunct again in Taurus on May 23, 2011 in the opposite side of the zodiac look at how far you’ve come from six months ago. Scorpio represents transformation and although something was ‘dying’ it was a necessary part of the process of resurrection. Now as the planets conjunct in Taurus, we are learning what is ‘real’ never dies, it only changes and evolves to reveal true form.” — Priya Kale, May 1, 2011. An excerpt from the May 2011 Astrological Overview.


Be honest with yourself about your desires and what and whom you value most in this world. A meeting point is imminent for relationships, but don’t let your stubbornness stand in the way of what you really crave and yearn for. Anytime Venus and Mars make aspects, relationships and financial situations are highlighted and in Taurus this is very tangibly creative energy.

The next time Venus and Mars make a conjunction in Taurus will be 30 years later in 2041 when Saturn returns to Libra, making this an especially rare aspect and especially potent for relationships. Taurus is a sign that rules deep commitments and the commitments we are making now could very well set us on a cycle of the next thirty years — this is as real as it gets. What matters is how much we are willing to invest of our energy into seeing something grow. This will require patience and commitment but the fruits of your efforts will be well worth it. And if you dig below the surface you could discover something truly priceless.

Taurus represents the earth and all that is manifest.  Money may buy us things and take care of our needs to a certain extent, but it certainly can’t buy us happiness or love.  The energy now suggests we hold incredible potential before us to experience deep pleasure — not just of the body, but also of the heart.

We have one life to live and its too precious to live holding on to the things and people we love for fear of loss. You, me and everything that ‘is,’ will one day return to dust. Even loss is as much a part of life, making this incredible gift all the more precious in its transience, too short to waste on regrets and on what might have been. Only the love we share is real and what matters is how much we cherish life and each other while still here in the flesh.

— Priya Kale, May 23, 2011, Mumbai, India.


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