Venus in Aries squares Varuna in Cancer

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Welcome to a new week – and a big one at that. We are still deep in the womb of the Gemini New Moon at the beginning of the week when the Jupiter-Chiron and Neptune conjunction culminates. This has been the highlight of the astrological aspects coloring our climate this year.

Sagittarius is the sign the represents God and spirituality — it’s opposite sign Gemini is a reminder to stay true to the word here on earth. To be reminded of our dual reality of humanity and divinity here on earth — to be the messengers of a greater divine plan.

As Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) conjuncts Neptune (ruler of Pisces and the cosmic consciousness) suggesting even more strongly that the impossible could just be within reach if we can have faith and believe.

Today Venus in Aries squares Varuna in Cancer. Venus is now through her retrograde phase and out of echo phase suggesting we are entering new territory financially and emotionally. As she squares Varuna in Cancer there maybe overwhelming feelings to deal with regarding love or money. There maybe a feeling of being torn between what the heart wants, while having a keen awareness of consequences if we fail to meet the mark.

Varuna is the pre-historic deity who was known as the ‘punisher of broken oaths.’ Don’t allow feelings of guilt or fear to eat you up. What is needed is an inner resolution of the insecurity that stops us from going after our desires. As long as we can keep an awareness of the deeper feelings and base emotions that guide our choices, we can choose in fearless consciousness.

— Priya Kale, NYC

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