Mars sextiles Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius; Jupiter conjuncts Neptune

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Dear Friends and Readers,

We are now under the influence of powerful energy reshaping our collective world. On Wednesday, Jupiter and Neptune exact their conjunction after Jupiter’s conjunction to Chiron over the weekend at the time of the Gemini New Moon.

Jupiter and Neptune are both outer planets and representing the great benefic forces of the cosmos. Their conjunction is like a great mist of hope and healing descending, where there may have been a deep sense of woundedness. Over today and tomorrow Mars will sextile the triple conjunction from Aries. This is crystallizing a great vision pushing us to find faith in the midst of fear and to dare to dream.

Mars (along with Venus) in Aries has been stirring passionate desires and this sextile aspect to planets in air sign Aquarius is fueling the fire filling us with the drive needed to take that great leap forward towards manifesting a great dream. This is magic waiting to happen, so truly do not underestimate the power of the energy to propel you towards your destiny.

The thing with astrology is it is as much about faith, as it is about actually working with energies. But faith needs to come from within for it to be indestructible – not faith in an external situation. People say they’ve lost faith — but they’ve only lost faith in the external world that may have brought disillusionment.

But disillusionment albeit painful can ultimately be a tremendous gift, if we can move past our attachments of how we perceive things should be and embrace the reality we are being awoken to. Faith unlike belief is not a virtue of the ‘mind’ but a knowing of the soul — that life sustains itself.

Hope all is well in your corner of the world…

With Faith and Love,


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