Venus in Aries trines Vesta in Leo | Sun in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn

The Wisdom of Nothing (or the Grace of Unlearning)

As the angel was readjusting her

wings (as she prepared for her guardian duties)

She asked the man-child playing in the sandbox

“What is the wisest thing you’ve learned so far in life?”

“I don’t know,” he said and went back to his sand.

“Perfect!” she said.

— Niles Comer,


I don’t know about you, but it’s been quite the hairy couple of days. Yesterday’s aspects with Venus conjunct Eris released a lot of energy.

This may have been utterly chaotic — Eris was the Goddess of Discord whose toss of a golden apple started the Trojan War. Emotionally, it may feel like we’ve been through a battle zone but in the midst of chaos has emerged truth.

Today Venus trines Vesta in Leo just as the Moon ingresses Leo and conjuncts Mars. This is more fiery energy but likely much easier to navigate and potentially a lot more healing.

Creatively, romantically and even personally this can be a deep release of passion allowing us to get in touch with a core sacred fire that burns incessantly.

With the Moon conjunct Mars also in Leo, this could also give rise to heated emotions. It may require courage, but be bold and honest about your feelings. Although with aspects like this it will be hard to deny their presence.

Just focus on what heals you rather than caught up in any ego dramas. Be spontaneous and playful as you chase your hearts desire.

Also significantly, late tonight just before mid-night in NYC, overnight and early Friday morning in Australia, the Sun squares Pluto bringing us to a major turning point. This is triggering the T-square aspect taking place mid-year.

With the Sun in Aries, this is about renewed life and energy, while Pluto in Capricorn is asking us to come to an inner recognition of the way the past has it’s hold on us so we can turn a corner. The aspect suggest a personal victory if we can surrender our demons.

Rather than project powerlessness or feel like a victim look at your own power in a situation. It’s there waiting for you to seize it. It will mean taking greater responsibility for our actions and understanding the future need not be the same as the past as long as we are willing to evolve in our understanding.

When it comes to failure and success, all we can do is live and learn. Even something we thought was a failure could turn out to be the biggest stepping stone on the way to experience we could never have learned any other way.

When I look back on my life, some of my most painful experiences have made me who I am today — for better or for worse, indeed there is no difference. Every moment led up to this one and if I still exist, who am I to question my existence? I can only try to walk in awareness of it.

All that matters is that we are true to ourselves. The conscience is a prickly thing, it keeps us in check. But just make sure you are able to separate the inner voice of truth from any fears of judgment. Or having to toe rules based on past [perhaps parental] conditioning.

Also look closely at where your ideas about success or fears of failure come from. You are not your parents, nor are you simply a product of society. Reach for your highest integrity and personal best.

Avoid trying to control or manipulate or change anyone or anything. We can only change ourselves. Just as much as we are changing, so is each and every person on this planet and indeed the planet itself.

Things can be different, but we have to trust our own ability to make them so without giving in to the voice of fear.

This is true for any day, but especially today look at what rules your choices. Fear is not likely the way to go. We are gaining maturity and the only thing stopping us from the future is our own grip on the past. Dig deeper and evolve to find the true source of wealth — you.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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