More Astrology: Saturn in Libra squares Ceres in Capricorn

Note: Please read Blog below this one for Mar. 24, 2010 Astrology as well.


I got ahead of myself yesterday and interpreted the aspects for today in yesterday’s blog, so please read that if you haven’t already. But there is another major aspect today shortly after the others, as Saturn in Libra squares Ceres in Capricorn.

This may bring a feeling of separation or deep lack of nurturing. In Capricorn, there may be concerns regarding housing, shelter, food and the basic necessities of life.

With unemployment as high as it is, this is naturally a very real source of concern. But squares suggest we look internally rather than project the energy.

Rather than focus on the lack of resources, find your inner strength and resilience as you turn a corner. Life is resilient enough to grow between the hardest rocks.

Within relationships, where does one draw the line between being a caregiver and being an equal partner? When does “help” however well-meaning end up disabling, rather than enabling someone to accept responsibility? Ceres in a chart can represent what one needs to feel loved and nurtured. But how does one become the soft-shoulder to lean on and yet be able to give tough love when needed?

Also, are we able to ask for what we need? Or do we expect others to understand our needs? Look at how your parents model for a relationship may linger as conditioning. Look at where we might put u walls and not be able to receive what is being offered. This is about each persons needs being met.

Just as much as each person is different, each relationship is naturally different. Co-operation and teamwork will be key to finding mutual satisfaction. This may even highlight parenting skills perhaps; rather do things the way your parents have done perhaps this is about finding new rules.

Given the other aspects developing today (read post below this one) honest conversations could really have us turning an important corner. Let’s not forget we are moving towards the Libra Full Moon early next week bringing us important lessons about the fine balance needed within our relationships to each other and existence at large.

The astrology also seems to be pointing to a major turning point, as far as the historic Health Care Bill passed in the US yesterday. This has been the subject of much debate over the past months but hopefully this is beginning of better access to health-care for all. I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t know politics. But I do know that health care should not be unaffordable.

Even in India [home, where I grew up and lived a third of my life before moving here to the US] there is free health-care for ANYONE who needs it. Naturally the wait is longer and the resources are far from enough, but ANYONE no matter HOW poor can take their sick child to a doctor and not have to pay for it.

Or even if they do pay, there are general practitioners who treat patients daily at a minimal, absolutely affordable cost. And India is a “third world” country. I know there are  other countries have free health care as well, then why is it impossible here in the US? (And that question is only partially rhetorical.)

We will have to see what surfaces when Ceres conjuncts Pluto, which marks a core evolution point. Surely we will also see the darker side of politics surface.

But mythologically Ceres stood up to even Pluto. “She was the goddess of agriculture & when her daughter Persephone was kidnapped by Pluto in an attempt to force her to marry him, Demeter became so distraught looking for her daughter that she neglected the Earth which became cold and most plants died. – Wikipedia” To me this is inspiring, suggesting real change on the horizon.

Also given today Mercury trines the Great Attractor, I feel there is much to be optimistic about. It all depends on how we choose to see it.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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