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Important Note: These are the aspects for Mar. 24, 2010. I accidentally “read” the aspects for a day ahead. Apologies for the oversight and thanks Tara for bringing it to attention.


Dear Friends,

There’s a cluster of aspects occurring today within the space of an hour around mid-day in the US. Mercury in Aries trines the Great Attractor in Sagittarius, followed by Venus’ conjunction to Eris, followed by Uranus’ square to the Galactic Core.

This is a quite a burst of energy in a short space of time, allowing for penetrative conversations that pierce through the heart of the matter. There also may be a sense of impatience of urgency, of wanting something and wanting it now.

Venus conjunct Eris can lead to a feeling of fragmentation, but it is a reminder to keep true to one’s desires in spite of the million things “expected” of you. Be extremely honest with yourself, especially regarding love and money. The Great Attractor has the quality of allowing us to see around the bend. An important conversation may reveal a deep truth but there is a feeling here of being able to see far into ones future.

Dare to imagine the best possible future you can and then trust the Universe has imagined it just a little bit better. It will just require faith, willingness to speak candidly and to put your money where your mouth is. But with a little effort, a situation that has seemed chaotic and confounding could suddenly make a whole lot of sense.

Just dare to be honest and you may be pleasantly surprised.

— Priya Kale, NYC


I received the most beautiful Rainbow Opal pendant recently from Louise in Australia, whose website you can check out here. I’ve been meaning to post a picture of the stone and it’s legend, but in the meanwhile you can read all about it on her site

Also, here is a link to her blog where she talks about the natural mystical healing properties of stones. This month highlights Flourite and you can scroll below to read the post on Opal (a Piscean stone) which I found particularly fascinating as well.


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