Sun opposite Saturn | Mars sextiles Saturn | Jupiter sextiles Juno

Hello and welcome to another big week,

We’re past the Equinox and the energy is quickening and changing gears. Late Saturday in the US, shortly after midnight in the UK the Sun opposed Saturn in Libra. There may have been obstacles and hurdles to overcome; facts to face up to but we’re past the major hurdle of the week.

There may still be a lingering sense of heaviness but rather than focus on all that is oppressive, keep faith and be adventurous. As long as we are willing to take responsibility for our actions, there is a way forward from here to what we want to create in our world.

What’s promising is as Mars in Leo sextiles Saturn in Libra (a little before midnight in NYC) we can make steady progress towards stability with conscious effort. There is a creative solution forward so use your natural optimism, to see you through the heavy lifting. Just pace yourself; Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Given that Mars has recently stationed direct, look at a situation with an open heart and renewed confidence, as you choose commitments worth investing your energy in. Dedication to your passion will bring rewards. Relationships (both personal and financial) are no doubt under scrutiny with these aspects. Again try to find a balance between your needs and another’s and be willing to explore your spontaneous sense of adventure. If what we seek is closeness and intimacy, we have to be willing to share our warmth rather than lead with our defenses.

Later in the week on Friday, the Sun exacts a square to Pluto bringing us to a turning point within situations. There is likely to be a deeper understanding of the landscape and things we need to do for our personal evolution. In spite of the major shifts taking place in your life, the sky suggests there is enough support in terms of emotional and material resources. But it will require mutual respect and cooperation rather than trying to control situations or give in to fear.

Also today, in another major aspect Jupiter in Pisces sextiles Juno in Taurus. This aspect bodes well for relationships. It seems to be providing a fertile space for growth, with a recognition of the greater depth of feelings and commitment. Pour your energy into those relationships that open and expand your world, while giving you the acceptance to be yourself. Be wise as you nurture what you value rather within a partnership, than trying to possess or control someone. The aspect is a reminder of the virtues of faith, patience and unconditional love.

Meanwhile, the Moon remains in Gemini through Monday and will aspect Uranus, Neptune and Chiron giving us a chance to clear the air with important conversations. It’s been an intense few days and week no doubt, but and the changes occurring this week are setting in motion events that will carry us forward for a while to come.

We are making important commitments, so choose wisely based in the now. No matter how much the mind would like us to believe otherwise, things are not the same they were even a few weeks ago. Yesterday’s opposition to Saturn marked an important milestone and that’s the good news. Onward and upward…

I’ll be back with the blog tomorrow. In the meanwhile – please read the Sample Weekly Horoscopes or schedule a Personal Consultation to make the most of the changes in your life…


Priya Kale, NYC

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