Venus in Gemini, heading towards Capricorn Full Moon and Penumbral Eclipse

Dear Friends and Readers,

We stand under a rapidly changing sky as we head towards the Capricorn Full Moon and first of three eclipses over the coming month. With aspects and world events last week we can see astrological climate quickening.

Michael Jackson’s death came at the time of his Chiron return. At the age of 50 Chiron completes one orbit in a natal chart returning to its natal position signaling a time for re-birth of consciousness. Michael Jackson’s life for all its fame and fortune was hardly an enviable one, but given the triple conjunction in the sky right now I can safely say he is healed and finally free. With the triple conjunction in Aquarius, his gift to the world was his music and his wounds although dramatic and public, were only an exaggerated display of wounds we all carry within us.

Aquarius is about learning to accept oneself first, only then can the healing come. This weekend Mars squares the triple conjunction in Aquarius and we may be struggling with deep doubt or fear of rejection perhaps. But Mars in in Taurus suggests we be true to our core nature, keeping a check on what is real and has potential, while resolving any fears of not being accepted, suspicion, doubt or inability to trust internally. Look at how past wounds affect, color and seep into your present reality. This awareness maybe painful but will ultimately be liberating and healing if we are honest with ourselves.

Also Venus has now entered Gemini with Mars to follow at the end of the coming week. Expect financial and relationship negotiations to speed up. We’ve had a long time to survey our emotional landscape as well as financial potential and we can expect communication to pick up within business and personal relationships. Venus also trines the North Node tomorrow bringing a message of hope for the future, so pay attention to what is coming through.

Now that we are in eclipse season, expect things to start shifting quickly moving us into the second half of the year. Pay attention to the choices you are making and be aware of your power to affect change in your life by becoming the force for it. We are setting patterns for the next 6 months and only in recognizing the infinite potential of the moment at hand can we co-create a future aligned with our destiny.

The Moon is now growing Full in Sagittarius and enters Capricorn at 9:07 PM EST and will conjunct Pluto shortly after. I will be back with the Eclipse report later tonight or tomorrow, in the meanwhile I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Happy 4th of July to everyone here in the US…

With love,

Priya, NYC


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