Penumbral Eclipse in Capricorn…

Dear Friends and Readers,

We are heading towards a Full Moon and eclipse in Capricorn, exact at 4:21 AM EST, 9:21 AM UT and 7:21 PM AEST on July 7, 2009 at 15+ degrees of the Cancer-Capricorn.

I’ve written a Moon report covering the astrology of this eclipse, which is essentially setting the stage for the next six months of our lives. It is important we move in awareness. Recognize the power of faith to move mountains.

Here is an excerpt from the report. You can access the full report by making a one time purchase of $4.99 or signing up for the subscriber service for as little as $7.99 a month and the first week is FREE!

I wish you all a safe and blessed Eclipse tonight…

With warm love,



“Just before the exact lunation the Moon conjuncts Pluto bringing a revelation and release to dramas that began at the time of the New Moon two weeks ago (exactly opposite Pluto.) We’ve had to dive deep to find serenity and wisdom in the midst of the shifting sands. Now there is likely to be a recognition of that which cannot continue in its current shape and form. The more we are willing to change the rules and confront emotional agendas the easier it will be to navigate this energy.

“With the Sun and Moon in Cancer and Capricorn, there is a need for balance between our sense of security emotional and financial, as well as the recognition of what makes us feel safe versus the structures that support a society. A house is not a home, and all the luxury in the world can become a prison if we are a slave to our money without being able to enjoy the comfort of a fulfilling inner life and people to share it with. One’s childhood and the nurturing we received, or our parents attitude towards money and success often translate into one’s ability to view the Universe as hostile or kind one.”

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— Priya Kale, NYC, Capricorn Full Moon and Penumbral Lunar Eclipse report, July 7, 2009

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