The Man in the Mirror… Remembering Michael Jackson…

“We’re sendin’ out
A major love
And this is our
Message to you
(Message to you)
The planets are linin’ up
We’re bringin’ brighter days
They’re all in line
Waitin’ for you
Can’t you see… ?
You’re just another part of me
Another part of me…

We’re takin’ over
This is the truth, baby
Another part of me”

— Michael Jackson, Another Part Of Me


This morning was the Capricorn eclipse and we are now in the throes eclipse season a time when the planetary energies align to open portals to cosmic energy making the seemingly impossible possible. Eclipses usually come in pairs changing the landscape of our lives personally and collectively. This time though the energy is “off the charts”  and exploding left and right, with the contacts to Pluto and the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron exact again this week — only retrograde this time.

We are still under the influence of the Full Moon which will enter Aquarius and conjunct the North Node 10:03 AM EST on July 8, 2009 aligning us with our individual and collective destiny, so move in awareness.

I watched the memorial service for Michael Jackson on TV earlier today (Tuesday) along with at least a billion other people and it got me thinking of the astrology. His death like his life is as cosmically and divine poignant as it gets with it’s unmistakable message for all of us.

Studying charts of celebrities is one way to study astrology other than your own, since the chronology of their lives is publicly documented. I was speaking with my fellow astrologer and friend Nick Dagan Best earlier today, who although I called for another reason sent me a link to a blog he wrote, detailing the chronological events of Michael Jackson’s life [as we knew it] at the time previous Jupiter-Neptune conjunctions occurred. There is no better mundane astrologer I know of than Nick and you can read his insightful post here.

Michael Jackson arguably may be one of the most famous people to have lived, not only in our time but in history. There may have been people who have made a ‘greater’ contribution to humanity, but Michael had “fame” covered.

Leo is the sign of ‘celebrity’ that lives life in the public eye, although Michael Jackson was a Virgo his Venus, Mercury and Uranus conjunction in Leo the energy that gave him his ‘transcendentally, beautiful, voice’ which brought him out of the stratosphere kind of fame. This is the same energy which made him a child at heart.

With his Sun conjunct Pluto in Virgo he “healed” the world with his music, his voice and was a ‘perfectionist till the day he died.’ Virgo sits opposite on the wheel to Pisces the sign of cosmic consciousness; it channels and embodies in the physical, the ethereal [musical] healing energy of God. It attempts to create “Here on earth, as it is in heaven.”

If we look at his Natal Chart and the transits he was having at the time of his ‘death’ we get a clear image of a larger than life soul, that longed to be free and the frail human body that could no longer cage it. We could say the pressure of work took it’s toll, looking at Saturn opposite his Moon in Pisces. But we can also see the energy transcending into ‘Christ Consciousness’ with Uranus conjunct his Piscean Moon opposite Saturn. With a Pisces Moon in his 10th house, here was a sensitive soul who emotionally gave his all and put it out there for the world to see.

One of the most memorable experiences of my life without a doubt, was watching him in concert [front row, squashed against a railing 15 feet away] in Mumbai in 1996. It was the greatest show on earth I have seen, he performed for 3 and half hours singing, dancing, ‘moonwalking,’ hanging off a crane high above the crowd, ripping his shirt off, with a battle tank on stage… but above and beyond it all, it was his voice that made every soul at that concert quiver with transcendence.

I remember it like it was yesterday and I’ve been listening to his music while writing this, reminiscing the memories it brings back to me of my life. I was to go see him perform in London this year with my best friend Liza and about seven of us girls. Although sadly that will not be, I can truly say it was a divine gift to have had that once-in a lifetime experience at least once in my life.

Rather than analyze the cause or focus on his death, we can remember the message that was his life and learn from it. Not that it was greater or lesser than any other life, just one chosen to be thrust into the limelight at a tender age to be an example for a greater world. Imagine having the world love you, yet having to live your life in painful isolation; to be put on a pedestal only to be brought crashing down. But with transiting Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron conjunct his Mid-heaven opposite his Leo cluster he will forever be immortalized in the hearts of people for his gift, his message and music — and even through the awareness of his pain there can be greater healing.

He was born with a Neptune [in Scorpio] and Jupiter, North Node [in Libra] conjunction in his Natal chart, energy that pervaded the world intoxicating it with his big beautiful music and it’s message of peace. His death come as the conjunction between the two planets peaks again exactly trine his natal conjunction. Also, poignantly the Ascendant at the time of his death is exactly conjunct his North Node plainly showing a life that had come full circle, ready to evolve to the next level and state of consciousness, free and healed.

His wounds although dramatic and public, were only an exaggerated display of wounds we all carry within us. But Chiron asks for awareness in the midst of pain and in this awareness there lies the gift of healing for the souls and hearts it touched. His gift to the world was his music that raged and will continue to rage through the collective consciousness, inseparably like the divine wild fire that was his voice…

— Priya Kale, NYC


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