Workshop in Canada…

“It is not what we have but what we enjoy that constitutes our abundance.” — J. Petit-Seim

I don’t know about you but personally, I feel like I’ve lived two weeks in just the past two days but that’s the eclipse for you. Cancer and Capricorn are definitely highlighting emotional and financial commitments; redrawing the boundaries between the personal and professional.

There have been revelations regarding the rules that need to change. Capricorn is the sign ruled by Saturn, who represents time and endings and beginnings. The Moon in this sign can tend to ‘calculate’ or compartmentalize feelings, pushing us to ask the deeper question of what something is truly worth. The Sun in Cancer unless there is an emotional investment, all achievement and success will ultimately be hollow.

What is the use of a socially acceptable relationship if ones needs for understanding, comfort and warmth aren’t quenched? Eclipses can be a difficult time simply because the growth at this time is concentrated, pushing us to take bigger leaps, pulling us out of our comfort zone. But trust that what you are dealing with is taking you closer to your destiny. As the Sun sextiles Virgo today we can find more stability where recently it may have felt like rocking on a giant boat, or being asked to dive off a cliff.

Now that the Moon is in Aquarius the energy is definitely lighter than it was. It will form a conjunction to the planets in Aquarius on Friday, while Jupiter and Neptune exact their retrograde conjunction tonight. This can be a deeply visionary moment if we are receptive to the energy. Avoid an over exaggeration of fears of isolation or rejection and reach for inner healing and self-acceptance.

Make no mistake, your dreams as big, bold, quirky and beautiful as they are, are a part of you and could only come through you. Everything in the Universe began as dream, indeed you could say we are living a giant cosmic dream. We are between eclipses and I am not being poetic or superfluous when I say this time is magical.

I know there are many struggling to find their faith in these times, but yet there is an unmistakable awakening happening right along side it — an awakening to one’s true path. Keep rooted in this and the rest will flow like magic. It’s a Universal Law — if you are working for the Universe, the Universe works for you. As long as our dreams are altruistic there is none too great or impossible right now…


One another note, as I mentioned in a recent post – I am planning to travel to Canada this summer to spend my summer under the stars, taking in the glorious cosmic shifts, writing and spend a week on sacred land doing Ceremony.

Aside from work as usual, I will be conducting a workshop while I am there. Currently the date is scheduled for Aug. 9, 2009 and will be held in Pentanguishene, Ontario about an hours drive from Toronto.

I will have more details on this soon, however if there is enough interest I would look into doing a workshop in Toronto, or other cities as well. Please watch this space or email me for further details.

— Priya Kale, NYC

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