Juno in Aries [conjunct Aries Point] squares Pluto in Capricorn

Forgiveness is never easy & mercy is never wasted. Neither is love… — Niles Comer


Hello there,

It’s late here in NYC, but just wanted to post a quick blog for the day and will be back with an update for the weekend later today or tomorrow.

Today the Moon continues to move through Aquarius. But as Juno squares Pluto this could spell bloody war in relationships if we are not careful. Be careful now not to project your own subconscious urges to want to control the agenda within your relationships.

We may say we want independence but how much of that independence do we give in return to our partners? And how do we subconsciously still hold on to old traditional or superficial values? Watch how selfish tendencies, or any desire to manipulate a situation can ultimately be a destructive force rather than a constructive one.

This is intense, primal energy that needs to be released consciously. Rules surrounding sexual relationship are also likely to come into play. There may be a struggle to find the balance between ones primal sexual desires and the need to conform. Watch the dynamics of power in any relationships where sex and money are in play; there are rules that need to be changed. When it comes to intimacy, recognize your own need to control or define a situation or relationship is likely what stands in the way of you having a passionate release.

This is tremendously transformational energy, pushing us to resolve fears internally. We can finally turn a corner and find a balance between what ignites ambition, desire, passion, an entrepreneurial spirit and the fear of commitment — this is true in business as well as personal relationships.

With the Juno on the Aries Point, this seems symbolic of powerful feminine wisdom that could rock the world with truth, demanding change in structure by finding her own power.

More soon…

Priya, NYC


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