Mars in Gemini, Sun-Mercury Superior conjunction in Cancer

It’s around noon here in NYC as I write this. The Moon is in Pisces trine the Sun in Cancer perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Given the intensity of the eclipses take the downtime to soak in those intuitive insights because by tomorrow the Moon enters Aries reaching its Last Quarter.

By the time of the Cancer New Moon and Solar eclipse on July 22, 2009 we will be ready for a second start with situations that began at the time of the first New Moon in Cancer at the end of June. In Capricorn the eclipse brought a revelation regarding the rules and agreements that need to change to support mutual needs and work better for each person involved. Now as we reach the halfway point between eclipses, the Aries Moon is bringing us to a turning point; asking to recognize one’s personal power and use it to bring a balance towards fulfillment of one’s basic needs for emotional and financial security.

Late Monday, the Sun conjuncts Mercury in a ‘Superior conjunction.’ Sun conjunct Mercury aspects are always crystallizing aspect with an abundance of mental energy. With the Sun in Cancer we are likely having important negotiations and conversations. Work with the flow of your emotions to gain understanding and cognizance, rather than allow mental fears to stir up unsettling emotions and insecurities. We are now on the way to making changes that set patterns for at least the coming six months. This energy would be best used to gain depth of insight into a situation and then communicate clearly.

Also, Mars entered Gemini late Saturday night in NYC and is forming a close trine to the North Node aligning us with the future. Expect communication to pick up speed now but also watch for you anger getting the better of you. Actions do speak louder than words — so watch for impulsive thought to rule action or saying something you don’t really mean. With Venus and Mars both in Gemini and other planetary energy, there is likely to be plenty of communication surrounding financial and emotional commitments. Rules surrounding relationships are changing and we can now effectively use this energy in a way that creates more harmony and prosperity for everyone in our lives.

With the triple conjunction in the sky in Aquarius right now, above all the message is one of a collective consciousness awakening. It is only in the spirit of altruism and a better future for all, can we bring our individual gifts to light. Recognize the power and necessity of each person alive today to make a unique contribution. If there indeed a divine creator that created this Universe and the whole of existence, then we need to remember that ‘whole’ by definition is all inclusive.

Which means all that exists has its place in the cosmic plan even if we may not always understand why. It is only in a spirit of self-awareness, acceptance, non-judgment and reverence for differences and similarities can we attempt to find our way forward…

— Priya Kale, NYC


In case I hadn’t mentioned — it’s Eclipse season! Please email me to schedule a Private Consultation and see how you can take advantage of the opportunities available to you to create lasting change in your life…

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