Venus in Leo opposes Chiron in Aquarius, Juno retrogrades into Pisces

We’re coming a big week, so hang on tight for there are definitely a few surprises in store. Saturn in Virgo meets in its final opposition to Uranus in Pisces on Tuesday, followed by the New Moon in Virgo conjunct the Sun, Saturn in opposition to Uranus. Anything can happen and liberation can be as exhilarating as it is scary. But in the midst of this change there are endless opportunities arising if we can be resourceful, determined ad adaptable.

It’s around 3PM EDT Sunday, Sep. 13, 2009 as I write this. The Moon is now at the mid point of Cancer having past a watery conjunction to Mars. Later this evening the Moon will make a watery trine to Uranus. This could spell for unexpected surprises, most likely of the emotional kind – freeing us to “feel” something divine, if we can go with the flow.

Also around midnight here on the East Coast of North America, early morning on Monday in the UK and late afternoon in Australia, Venus in Leo opposes Chiron in Aquarius. Venus opposed Jupiter a couple of days ago opening up the heart to experiencing a great big freer love. In Leo, Venus is teaching us the lessons of love and pride, of allowing oneself to feel the spontaneous fire of passion, creativity and desire. In Aquarius, Chiron speaks of a collective sense of wounding we share. The aspect is giving rise to deeply healing energy, asking us to move in awareness of our wounds without any denial. Be conscious of past hurts, as well as any fears of rejection or self-doubt in love, creativity or financial matters so they can be released.

What has been your wound has also been your greatest teacher. And this indeed is the gift one gives back to the world, leading through the darkness of pain, with the light of awareness that only one own life experience can bring. One cannot teach what has one has not experienced and healer is one who has first learned to heal himself of a wound. Move past any fears of rejection consciously now, accepting and loving and healing the “self” and one’s own heart. This is about feeling free enough to express ones own passion without the fear of judgment standing in the way.

Also Juno enters Pisces on Monday, Sep. 14, 2009 in retrograde motion. She was in Pisces earlier this year in April, forming a triple conjunction with Venus and Mars in the late degrees of the sign. There were important relationship and creative dreams taking seed then. Venus and Mars have now moved on from that point, but Juno dipping back into Pisces suggests we are being taken back to that timeless moment yet again, that holds the space for an eternal dream.

On a personal note, I have been invited to go sailing to the BeauSoleil islands tonight. Not quite sure yet if the logistics will work out for it would mean being away from the internet. But in either case I will be back here on Tuesday with more astrology and adventure… Meanwhile below is a piece of poetry from Niles that captures the essence of the Venus opposite Chiron aspect, more beautifully than any thousand words I could write.

With love and sunshine from Penetang, Ontario,



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“If It’s Broke, Child…Don’t Fix It” (circa 2006)

“Why are you crying,”

the misfit angel asked the sobbing man-child?

“When I was chasing one of my dreams…

I…I dropped my Heart,” he whimpered,

“and now…

now it’s has a crack in it…and is no longer perfect.”

“Oh beautiful one,” the angel spoke, “of course your heart is still perfect.”

“Don’t you know?  Haven’t you heard the Truth?”

“The only way that Love comes into your heart,

dear one, IS through the cracks.”

— Niles U. Comer

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