Venus in Taurus opposes Pallas in Scorpio

Dear Friends,

What a difference a day makes. There’s a a fresh burst of energy with yesterday’s New Moon in Aries. If you haven’t read the Moon report, please read the post below covering the astrology in-depth.

Yesterday a few hours after the lunation, the Moon entered Taurus (joining Venus and Mercury) giving us a solid, steady, albeit slow start to the road ahead. We are seeding abundance so be in no hurry. Thursday, late evening in the US on Friday in the UK and Australia Venus in Taurus opposes Pallas in Scorpio.

Expect to have important negotiations surrounding relationships, sex, love and finances. Given, it’s the deadline for Taxes here in the US it is certainly one way the astrology is almost certainly manifesting for most people.

With Mercury stationary, in conversations dig deep to find your values but avoid being stubborn or stuck in your opinion. Ask for more time if need be, others may need time to process information as well. This need not mean stopping communication, rather keep an open dialogue. Your patience will be rewarded and you could unearth valuable information by sticking with a process.

With the Moon and Venus in Taurus, there’s a touch of decadence and steamy sensuality to this energy. The right words whispered sweetly could transform any stuck situation quicker than battling for control. Mercury stations retrograde on the weekend, while Venus sextiles Jupiter in Pisces. This could get pretty dreamy, dare I say a bit like heaven on earth. Don’t be afraid to hope and have faith in a divine vision in your heart.

I’ll be back with more soon enough. Have a magical day, it’s a new one indeed.


Priya, NYC



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