Aries New Moon: A New Dawn….

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Hello and Welcome to the Aries New Moon,

As I write this, we are deep in the womb of the Aries New Moon exact on Apr. 14 at 8:25 AM EDT and 12:25 PM UT at 24+ Aries.

The Moon entered Aries on Monday and squared Pluto in Capricorn, asking us to confront our own feelings of powerlessness.

It may feel at this time like we are battling forces, situations and circumstances much bigger than us. But ultimately this is about finding emotional maturity, allowing us to reclaim the power of self.

In Dane Rudhyar’s book an Astrological Mandala, the Sabian Symbol for the degree of this New Moon gives us a penetrative insight into the energy of this lunation.

Aries 25 reads: “The Possibility for Man to gain experience at two levels of being.” And his keynote reads: “The revelation of potentialities.”

“In some unspecified way the symbol is a guarantee that man can operate successfully at two levels of consciousness, if he has previously met the condition mentioned in the preceding symbol. “Be open. Be able and willing to share your translucent mind in the form revealing spiritual fulfillment. And you will be able to experience life and power on inner as well as outer planes.” The implied message is one of faith. Man can only truly experience what he deeply believes he can experience.”

This reminded me of something I recently heard a psychotherapist to someone on TV. She was speaking about a traumatic event that occurred in the patient’s childhood that subconsciously seeped into the reality of his world as an adult creating his experiences. “Your imagination is limited by your experience.” This is true for most if not all of us.

As we enter this New Moon – we are on the threshold in a space between two worlds. Where the possibilities for the self are open to become ‘all’ we were born to ‘be.’ We are progressing from the Piscean infinite ethereal energy into Arian manifestation of pure primal raw force. We are birthing the fire of “self.”

Significantly, just hours before the New Moon, Neptune in Aquarius squares Juno in Taurus seeding the energy over the next two weeks. Juno represents ‘marriage’ and all kinds of partnerships. Given this lunation is about the ‘self’ and individual desires, naturally the question arises of how do we balance this within our partnerships.

Avoid projecting doubt or mistrust, rather go deeper to find the source. We are learning to balance these seemingly opposite forces of needing a deep loyal abiding commitment with an idealistic dream of still wanting freedom to express one’s individuality and connect on a deep soul-level?

Recognize your commitment within a situation and look at any desires to “possess” or “own” someone or something. Juno often points to a “need” which once surrendered is fulfilled. With Neptune it’s best we not project our fantasies or fear on a situation and or detached. Also be careful not to take on public opinion against something that feels “right” for you. As Khalil Gibran wrote “let there be spaces in your togetherness.” Only the two people in a relationship truly know its worth and ultimately fidelity and commitment begins with being true one’s self.

With Saturn trine Juno there is more stability here than any doubts. Just find what is real and learn to appreciate and value what is present, rather than project your suspicions. Rather than doubt another’s commitment, ask where your loyalties lie and what are you committed to working on within yourself to strengthen a partnership or situation.

In a few days Juno will enter Gemini, shifting the focus to communication no doubt. Use the energy now to appreciate and treasure what you care about; ground yourself in what is real, lasting and uphold your highest values.

With Mercury stationary at this time, information has been slow and not very forthcoming. Be patient and persistent. Make use of this apparent slow down of time to go inward. It stations retrograde on Apr. 18, 2010; in an earth sign expect the revelation of buried information.

This may send us on a bit of a detour from the plans we are initiating. Although frustrating, this is nothing to worry about. With the entire retrograde transit happening in Taurus, this is a necessary re-evaluation asking us to do the groundwork to get the core of an issue. Taurus is the sign of fertility and the Earth; there is abundance to be reaped, but now is the time to sow and then gradually nurture what has been planted.

Mercury retrogrades will often bring back people from our past. This can be a passing phase of reconnection, or it can bring back old relationships for either closure or giving us the opportunity to clear misunderstandings before we can move forward.

Within existing relationships, loyalty and reliability are important factors so stay with the process and you may yet learn something that deeply enriches your world. We are being asked to go deeper below the surface to find what is truly worth preserving and nurturing to life. Mercury in Taurus is reminding us “one’s word is one’s worth.” Mercury will be out of shadow phase at the end of May so it may take a while to commit to something – but this is an important process of questioning one’s own values, determining what is important and strengthening foundations before we can move forward.

New Moon’s seed the energy for at least 2 weeks at a time. Given this is the first New Moon of the astrological year, symbolically marking when life awakens we can consider this to set the tone for the coming astrological year. Also, over the next two weeks, through to the Scorpio Full Moon at the end of April there are powerful shifts coming up.

On April 20, 2010 Chiron changes signs for the first time in 5 years since to Pisces until July 20, 2010. It then retrogrades back into Aquarius until early next year. It re-enters Pisces next year on Feb. 8, 2011 so consider this coming window a glimpse into what’s to come over the Chiron in Pisces era in the coming years. Dip your toes and feel it.

The last time Chiron was in Pisces was in the 60’s bringing cascading awareness of ecstatic, spiritual and transcendental states; either drug-induced or through awareness and meditation. Chiron’s presence is always a message for awareness – if we can avoid the temptation of giving in to substances and situations that enable “escape” this is opening the potential for a deeply spiritual transformation; bringing physical experience and awareness of the overflowing ecstasy of “the other side.”

Chiron’s transits are ultimately healing, creative and liberating but first there has to be a cleansing of the wounds that exist. For those walking in awareness, this is more than likely to bring a more rapid transformation to a higher awareness of existence. This transit will not be without bringing overwhelming sensitivity but in awareness there can be a feeling of a gateway opening – in Pisces, this is us a window to the beyond. Which in truth is not a distant dream but a sublime reality.

Also we’re coming up on the final Saturn-Uranus opposition in Virgo and Pisces on Apr. 26, 2010. The last time these planets opposed each other was on Sep. 21, 2009 [just before Saturn entered Libra at the end of October.] This time around Jupiter will be in conjunction to Uranus in Pisces, suggesting there are huge surprises around the bend. But if we aren’t to quick to judge this may be just the blessing (albeit in disguise) we’ve been praying for.

Saturn remains in Virgo till July 20, 2010 bringing us a brief throwback to the lessons of the past three years, to see if we’ve learned them well and if we are indeed ready to graduate on to the lessons of Saturn in Libra – which require us to accept responsibility within our relationships.

In Virgo, Saturn is committed to service and dedication and Uranus is sparking this with innovation asking us to step into the unknown to discover new possibilities. We are being asked to find the courage to step into the unknown as we dedicate ourselves to the manifestation of a soulful dream. Waking up is hard to do but the aspects are asking us to earth and ground the ethereal, to give it earthly form. Innovation and practical application need to go hand in hand.

In personal relationships, how do we draw healthy boundaries while merging our energy for a more divine experience? As I mentioned in a recent Blog, “One clue comes from Virgo being the sign before Libra — the sign that represents relationships. If we want to receive love, we have to first give love selflessly. This need not mean becoming a martyr, be aware of your own boundaries and give what comes naturally without withholding.

Only when we learn to put anothers needs before our own or dedicate ourselves to a greater cause [Virgo,] can we learn the fine balance of give and take and principles of fairness, required in our relationships with others [Libra.] As long we maintain healthy boundaries and this goes to strengthen the “whole” it can be considered a worthwhile effort.”

Saturn and Uranus oppose again later this year as the Grand Cross culminates mid-year. This is going to bring huge permanent shifts we’ve steadily been working through over the past year since Saturn entered Libra.

Now through the end of May we are still sifting through Mercury’s transit in Taurus and Mars still in shadow. With Mars being the ruler of Aries, a lot of what is being initiated now, we would do well to remember the lessons of its transit through Leo, which began mid-October last year. This is a longer process emerging: we are re-writing, re-creating the story of our lives. Be conscious, patient and willing to stick with what you’ve already started and are initiating.

Aries is the sign that represents the “child.” As children we inherit the world we are born into. Infants as much as they are helpless, are inherent in their sense of total trust of their surroundings. Before we move forward and rebirth perhaps we need to look back at our childhood and the world we inherited. At best we would hope that was not a hostile environment where this trust and innocence was abused. But the message here is you are not a child anymore. What happened then was not our responsibility but what happens now is.

Even if one grew up in an unsafe hostile environment, how do we not allow patterns of victimization repeat in our world and of others around us, or with the children in our lives? Abused children often grow to be angry adults unable to consciously express emotion. In awareness, we can reclaim power as adults rather than lashing out in anger. Even painful past experiences are teachers of compassion and eventually offer shelter for those in need of protection.

Imagine for a moment, today is the day you of your birth (for that is what this New Moon symbolizes) and this is the first day of your life.  Are you living in the world you want to inherit? If it could do with improvement, what can you do to facilitate and initiate that change? We are not victims or helpless children anymore, we create our world with our action and inaction.

We are taking baby steps into the future now and this Aries New Moon is bringing us a small step closer to recognizing the pure potential of the power of one’s own “being.” There will be greater awareness of this force come June when Jupiter and Uranus move into Aries opening personal horizons.

We are indeed children of the Universe, pure light and love. As the Moon disappears in the sky, get reacquainted with yourself. Who are you in raw essence? The world bows quicker to a lovable child than an angry one. Move in this spirit of childlike curiosity, innocence, love and trust and allow the world to open its arms to you. Above all, this New Moon marks a new dawn for the “self.”

With Love, New Moon Blessings and Prayers,

Priya Kale



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