Entering the Dark of the Moon in Aries…

Dear Friends,

Welcome to a new week! This week brings us to the Aries New Moon [exact on Apr. 14, 2010 at 8:28 AM EDT at 24+ Aries] and the Mercury retrograde station in Taurus at the end of the week.

We are entering the dark of the Moon and with Mercury standing still its a curious climate. Things may feel rather edgy at the moment as we go inward to find the “self.”

With the Moon forming a square to Pluto as it passes though Aries, things may get rather intense until Monday night in the US. It may feel like being a powerless child, but let go of whatever you feel has authority over you.

Not by trying to control something, but in surrendering the need for approval perhaps or by not clinging to a dying past. Find personal power and integrity.

There may be a sense of impatience combined with feeling rooted to the spot with indecision. Getting information may feel like pulling teeth and you could be questioning the true value of situations and arrangements in your life.

Be patient and stay with the process. There is information surfacing as Mercury stations retrograde at the end of the week [after the New Moon.] This may send us on a detour so leave room for negotiation. But with Venus in Taurus sextile Jupiter in Pisces at the time of the retrograde station, recognize a diamond in the rough and communicate from the heart.

We are deep in womb now of the New Moon, now as it edges towards its  conjunction with the Sun and Eris. Get in touch with those cracks and crevices that make you feel less than whole and recognize even the void is a part of the whole. Release “ideas” of yourself or who you were taught to be; only in the spirit of childlike curiosity, innocence and trust, can there be true self-discovery and self-awareness.

Indeed the only question we may need to ask is “Who am I?”

With New Moon Blessings,



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