Weekend Astrology | April 9, 2010

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Hello and welcome to the weekend,

On Friday, Venus in Taurus septiles Jupiter in Pisces and the Sun in Aries septiles Neptune in Aquarius, as the Moon [currently in Aquarius] conjuncts with Neptune and Chiron.

Septiles resonate with the number 7, the planet Venus and are said to have a feeling of cosmic intervention. Additionally the abundance of Neptunian and Piscean energy definitely suggests there could be something sacred, holy and magical in the works. Be open to inspiration and follow your heart song.

With the Sun and Neptune there may be a deep awareness descending of one’s own unique gifts and magic. Don’t underestimate your power to affect the people around you and vice versa.

Venus and Jupiter seem to be enticing us with mystical, creative, tangible and sensual delights. These are highly creative aspects and there could be a experience of something quite surreal and magical.  There could be a feeling of being touched of a great big, divine real love. Just separate reality from fantasy; be guided by the eternal wisdom of the heart — it knows what’s real.

On the weekend, late Saturday in the US, on Sunday in UK and Australia, Mars in Leo quincunxs Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. There may be a sense of wanting to control and change something but being unable to. The tendency maybe to compartmentalize and try to move forward with one’s plans by sheer force anyway. Rather than push through by “will” and burn out, there may be an internal adjustment that needs to happen before we can move forward or transform a situation.

Also on Sunday the Sun in Aries conjuncts Eris and trines Vesta in Leo. The conjunction to Eris may bring a sense of fragmentation of self that needs integration. But as the Sun trines Vesta it should be easier to find one’s core fire and passion. Reach for something that inspires and sparks not only your passion but devotion.

Later on Friday in the US and UK and on Saturday in Australia, the Moon enters Pisces. This may feel like dissolving into nothingness, perhaps releasing a torrent of emotions.

The New Moon in Aries next week is in the sign of the “self.” For now have faith we are dipping into the ethereal, soulful waters of Pisces, washing us clean of the past before we can birth anew. Try not to resist the current and let your intuition guide you.

I’ll be back with Weekly Horoscopes, in the meanwhile I wish you a blessed weekend,



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