Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Virgo, Mercury retrograde, Moving to the Virgo New Moon and Eclipse…

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If you’re reading this, you made it.

We’re past the Mars-Saturn conjunction, exact Wednesday morning at 7:26 AM EDT; the Sun is in Virgo now, and the Moon is currently in Taurus. Also, Mars is out of shadow and in new territory for the first time since April 18, 2016.

14022215_10153646794440706_7037465909767725838_nChapters have ended. As heavy as the energy has felt, we are out the other side and coming aspects suggest there is a clearing ahead, revealing new horizons and pastures. But you can’t explore them if you’re still looking over your shoulder.

I wandered into Church two days ago. As I looked at Jesus on the cross, I couldn’t help noticing the symbolism of the Mars -Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius — Jesus was human, divine, and he was crucified.

We all have our cross to bear — and there have been serious, harsh, perhaps life-altering realities to deal with — but there is also a promise of grace.

Especially now, as Venus conjuncts Jupiter in Virgo days later on Aug. 26, 2016, this feels like a healing balm, after what we’ve recently been through.

This doesn’t mean you won’t have to work for something — it could be overwhelming to recognise all that has to be dealt with in the aftermath of what’s unfolded recently and over the Mars retrograde cycle —  but with a little effort, and spoonful of sugar, you can make huge progress.

Recognize what’s truly valuable in your life, and all you have to be grateful for. The little things count and this is a reminder to be appreciative of all things, and sentient beings — great and small. If you find yourself feeling sorry for yourself, do something for someone less fortunate. Virgo is a reminder of selfless service — a little kindness can go a long way. You are indeed the hands of the creator, who serves, heals and loves through you.

Aside from the Venus-Jupiter conjunction, we’re also in Eclipse season now: moving to the Virgo New Moon and Solar Eclipse on Sep. 1, 2016, which occurs days after Mercury’s retrograde station in Virgo on Aug. 30, 2016.

Pay attention to where you have Virgo-Pisces in your chart, to see where this energy is playing out in your life. Virgo is the fabric of our lives; the dream, manifest; heaven on earth. With the abundance of Virgo, the focus is on — your work, daily processes, daily interactions, interactions, teamwork, organization, selfless service and most importantly health — mind, body and soul.

As Mercury stations retrograde, pay attention to your conversations, double check details, emails and listen to what someone is saying. You’re learning something: a little detail or piece of information, that could change everything, or at the very least cause you to re-evaluate and revise plans or decisions you’ve recently made.

This leads to the Eclipse suggesting what you learn is in wiping the slate clean. With the Eclipse in opposition to Neptune — it’s crucial you go inward for insight and clarity; rather than seek validation or answers externally. Meditate, still the mind, be reflective and pause for introspection. Not everything is as it seems and it’s crucial you question all (or make no) assumptions.

This is Eclipse season, a time when the Universe makes its presence felt undeniably in our lives. Eclipses can act as a cosmic vacuum cleaner, clearing out what’s no longer necessary, re-aligning and moving us further along the path to destiny. We can resist this process and go kicking and screaming, or embrace it, and step through the gates to our future willingly.

It almost feels like hacking your way out of a forest to reach the clearing ahead, but work with the energy and the Universe will work with you. Nature abhors a vacuum. The winds of change are blowing strong as we enter September — with the Eclipses changing the landscape of our lives and Jupiter entering Libra, asking for balance. More on that later.

For now as you move to the end of the month, this is a process of weeding out what no longer serves a purpose, and is a drain on your time, money, energy and resources. Clean house — metaphorically, emotionally, psychologically and materially. This is an emptying out, so you can be a vessel, and channel, for the divine spirit that flows through you.

Then as you enter the New Moon cycle, you can plant new seeds: do what needs to be done to materialize a vision, and heal a situation; as you create a life you dream of that, fills you with purpose and, gives back to the world.

I’ll be back with more, in the meanwhile if you would like to make the most of the current astrology, or need further insight on the planets acting in your chart, please email me at to schedule a Personal Astrology Consultation. (Consultations are done via Skype or phone, or possibly in person if you are in NYC.) I look forward to working with you!

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