Time. Tide. Here. Now. | Saturn stations Direct in Sagittarius, Aquarius Full Moon

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Dear Friends,

Saturn stationed direct in Sagittarius on Aug. 13, 2016 at 5:49 AM EDT and we’re moving to the Aquarius Full Moon on Aug. 18, 2016 at 5:26 AM EDT, bringing us a full blast of the current Saturnian energy.

Saturn represents a gateway, mortal limits, “time.” Over the past few days, it might have felt like time standing still. With the Sun currently in Leo representing the “here, now” — you stand at the gateway between the past and the future. Your whole life has led up to this moment. As Saturn stations direct and slowly gains momentum: tides are turning, the rules, goal-posts and times changing, asking you to stay rooted in your integrity as you journey forth.

Where ever you have Sagittarius in your chart, that area of your life has been highlighted since Saturn entered the sign back in December 2014. Saturn’s recent retrograde transit since March 25, 2016 has asked you to dig deep. But it has also hopefully led to the discovery of an inner truth, strength, resilience, a realization of what you’re really made of, and a higher force that sustains your life.

Over the past year we’ve also been under the influence of a Saturn Neptune square, asking us to separate fact from fantasy and journey to the source, within, to discover a sublime truth. In the chart for Saturn’s direct station, Venus was caught in the net of Saturn-Neptune — highlighting relationships, finances, creative situations and significantly our “values;” bringing us to a turning point.

With Saturn at the helm of the T-square, this is a pivotal moment. How something unfolds, hinges on your ability to embody the lessons you’ve learned through Saturn’s time in Sagittarius and move in awareness of the weight of your choices. There is no wrong choice, but it’s important you clarify your goals and take responsibility for your life. Only then can you find the power to shift or turn something around.

How far have you come? What have you learned? Where are you going? What are your long-term goals? How far do you have to go? What do you need to leave behind, so you can travel light and make progress?

Be conscious of your defenses; walls that were meant to protect but now keep you trapped. Recognize where pride, ego, fears of rejection, failure, being vulnerable prevent you from sharing or receiving love, expressing yourself, earning the income, or attracting the resources you need. Acknowledge what is or isn’t working.

Examine your relationship with money. What was your parents relationship to money? What were their values surrounding relationships? What and who do you value? What are the patterns you do not wish to repeat and the inner blockages you need to release? How can you introduce structure to your creativity, package an idea, bottle your special magic?

Be real with yourself and in no denial of your fantasies and projections. But allow yourself to be inspired and look more closely at something you thought or think is impossible — it might not be. It will require creativity, love, imagination, discipline, devotion, time and dedication to bring something into being.

In personal relationships as well, be honest about what is and isn’t working for you, where you need to heal, what you need to let go of, or be more emotionally detached from. Forgiveness is important. Not necessarily for another but, for you, to lighten your load as you move forward. No one is perfect; if you learn from something you needn’t continue to carry a burden and can strengthen relationships you value and that truly value you.

Meanwhile, Mercury is in shadow, soon to station retrograde; also Gemini is the sign opposite Saturn — both indicating a need to keep channels of communication open to find balance and work through a process constructively. This is a work in progress; there are more layers to something or someone than meets the eye, so don’t be too quick to judge or make life-changing decisions until you have clarity.

Also, we’re approaching Mars’ conjunction to Saturn on Aug. 25, 2016, only days after Mars leaves shadow phase on Aug 22, 2016, entering new territory for the first time since April 18, 2016. A Mars-Saturn conjunction takes place every two years (last one occurred in Scorpio in August 2014) — marking the end and beginning of a two year cycle.  It would be helpful to look back to see what was beginning and ending then, and where you want to go from here.

These are considered the two “malefics” in astrology — their influence often bringing us to a confrontation of the harsher realities of life. But this year, interestingly the conjunction of Mars and Saturn is followed almost immediately on Aug. 27, 2016 by a triple conjunction of the two ‘benefics’ Venus and Jupiter, along with Mercury.

13937764_10153627195920706_2749381052310766575_oNone of what you’re dealing with is easy, but it is not without purpose. The Venus-Jupiter conjunction suggests no matter how messy a situation might have gotten, there is a gift in it for you waiting on the other side. So don’t resent something — be grateful.

Where you’ve been feeling stuck or coming up against a wall, there is a way forward. But brute force, or imposing your will on a situation or the Universe won’t work.

Be determined, focused, smart, wise and constructive and you can harness the energy to cut through red-tape, seemingly walk through walls, and make solid progress.

Over the coming days as you move to the Aquarius Full Moon, and through the end of the month as this energy spills over — expect situations to come to a head bringing endings, revelations and breakthroughs.

Saturn being the traditional ruler of Aquarius, the lunation is bringing home its lessons in an undeniable way.

Look around your life, what’s blossoming and starting to bloom? What do you need to nurture? What do you need to weed out, so you can start with a clean slate? Doors are closing, new ones opening, asking you to be brave, courageous and mindful as you walk through them.

Cling to no one or nothing; the Aquarius Full Moon asks for detachment. At best we are fellow travellers on an individual journey. Even if paths diverge, real love transcends space and time. And the Full Moon is asking and liberating us to love and accept ourselves and others more wholly, freely, without bondage and expectations.

For all that’s up in the air, be unafraid to clear space as you move to the Virgo New Moon and Eclipse, offering a new start. What’s meant to be in your life will survive the storm, or meet you again on your path when the dust has settled.

Life is a journey, and no matter how far you’ve gone in a direction its never too late to turn around and start over. You are creating your life in every moment and every choice you make, takes you closer or further from your goals and the life you envision. Choose wisely.

Saturn’s direct station is a reality check and chance for course corrections as you move forward, onward and upward…

I’ll be back with more on the Aquarius Full Moon, in the meanwhile if you would like deeper insight and perspective on how you can put the current energy to use for you, email me at priya@cosmicdiaries.com to schedule a Personal Astrology Consultation. (I will be raising my rates shortly after the Mars-Saturn conjunction — so please book now to get the current discounted rate of $108.00 for 60 min.)

With love and blessings for the Full Moon,


Mars-Saturn Discount on 60 min Consultation — $108.00
(purchase by Aug. 30, 2016)





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