Venus-Pluto conjunction T-square Juno in Aries and Saturn in Libra

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Hello and welcome to the last week of the decade,

Hope your holidays were joyful, although the planets surely have not been on vacation. There’s an intense Venus-Pluto conjunction in the sky now, exact early Monday morning in the UK. The conjunction also sits at the apex of a powerful T-square with Juno in Aries and Saturn in Libra.

Relationships and financial situations are going through intense changes right now. The rules are changing and the playing field is clear. We can sit there and sort through the debris of the past — or we can vow to move forward in recognition of what is important.

Juno in Aries opposes Saturn in Libra, asking for a balance between being an rational adult in a relationship and wanting our primal desires satisfied. Juno can be very jealous and impatient when she doesn’t get her way. There is a childlike quality to her energy in this sign (sign of her discovery) that can throw a tantrum if she doesn’t get her way.

The Venus-Pluto conjunction has asked for an examination of  superficial morals and conducts that dictate our relationships. This can feel like a deep surrender. Rules surrounding sex, money, relationships, intimacy are sure to come up. Find what works for you in your relationship and your personal integrity rather than rules of society. With Mercury retrograde in the sign we are going to re-negotiating agreements, so we can start this new cycle with a better understanding if we can keep an open mind and dialogue.

Financially and emotionally things may still feel tough with Venus approaching a square to Saturn, on Tuesday at 6:55 AM UT. After this everything will seem a lot easier again. For now there is the feeling of having to move through a brick wall.

With the Venus-Saturn square we are turning a corner. The more we are able to let of our preconceived rules, while focusing on the essence of what is important the more we can find a balance with this energy. Interestingly Venus and Saturn are in mutual reception — which means each planet is occupying the sign ruled by the opposite planet, making the energies more easily transmutable.

The conjunction to Pluto has stripped Venus of her pretenses, down to the essence of her being. Be it emotionally, sexually or financially this is about finding one’s essential integrity not what society deems as acceptable. When it comes to love, this is about finding core essence. A love that grows over time and one that is worth working for.

In love and business, look at the values you are building your relationships on. There is a need for each person to be able to pull their weight and take responsibility for them selves. But at the same time, this has to be done in a spirit of cooperation and teamwork if we want to build strong foundations. In relationships, it is important that we keep open conversations with Mercury retrograde and find mutual understanding and re-negotiate rules together. For  bicycle to move — both wheels need to move in tandem.

It may feel like hard work — but both Venus in Capricorn and Saturn in Libra suggest the rewards for this are due to worth their weight in gold. With Venus and Pluto at the apex — this is the transformational alchemical point, stripping away superficial pretenses to dust, leaving behind that which is precious and worth working for. There is pressure for the heart to change and if we are sincere what we unearth is likely to be invaluable and golden.

We are moving towards a powerful Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on New Years Eve, Dec. 31, 2009 marking the end of the decade. Move in awareness of what is important and essential. With Cancer also being the sign opposite the Venus-Pluto conjunction this is the emotional energy we need to access to balance out the current T-square.

Rather than try to figure everything out logically, understand there are feelings involved. And feelings are rarely rational. There is intense pressure to be an adult, but recognize we are also all children looking for comfort and security. In relationships, what we seek ultimately is safety, knowing we are cared for. Find comfort in those relationships that nurture you. Be sensitive now, with yourself and others. Rather than lay down the rules, we can cross this bridge with love and understanding.

I’ll be back soon with more astrology… In the meanwhile, walk in awareness of what you are building.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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