Venus squares Jupiter in Pisces and Saturn in Virgo; Moon in Cancer

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We are moving through an incredible phase of astrology as we head to the Sagittarius Full Moon; followed only hours later by Uranus ingress into Aries. There is a rapid change on the horizon and here comes a week to remember.

There are a cluster of aspects occurring this week that should bring a great release in energy and solid progress. I’ve covered these in detail in last weeks New Moon report which you can read here.

Financial situations and relationships reach a turning point over the next few days as Venus makes a series of aspects this week. She passes through a T-square alignment with the planets in Virgo and Pisces over the next few days, so relationships, creative and financial situations are due to see a lot of movement this week.

Venus in Gemini squares Jupiter in Pisces, bringing overwhelming emotions, feelings and desires to the forefront. But as she squares Saturn tomorrow, there may be a feeling of having to pay the price. Be ware of projecting either or scenarios. There is greater wisdom to be discovered if we can be creative and stay make choices in the present.

As the Sun forms a stabilizing trine to Saturn late Tuesday, there is a more solidity here than anything we fear. The challenge will be to move past anxiety and fear of making the “wrong” choice – there is no such thing. Also look at your own resistance to change that prevents you from choosing from the heart.
She will also square Uranus and trine Neptune in the days that follow bringing us a breakthrough and enough reprieve to be able to hope again. For now, trust there is a creative solution here asking us to find wisdom and inner strength. Just be honest with yourself about what you value not just in the short term but in the long run. Choose based on that and work towards it.

Now as we move ahead from the energy of a fertile New Moon, the Moon passes through another fertile sign Cancer. Find comfort where you can and nurture what is precious, real and present.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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