Venus squares Uranus, Sun squares Neptune, Mercury trines Pluto

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Here comes another day full of major aspects. Today, on Wednesday the Sun squares Neptune, Venus trines Neptune, squares Uranus before she changes signs; and Mercury trines Pluto.

There’s likely to be a lot of fog and confusion surrounding relationships. But squares point to the need for an inner resolution rather than projection.

In spite of the highly mutable energy present, with Mercury in Taurus making a solid trine to Pluto in Capricorn we can have solid conversations to rewrite rules in important situations. Be honest and you could reach a deeper understanding, unearthing precious information.

With the Sun squaring Neptune in Aquarius, there may be heavy doubt to deal with. Rather than project mistrust, recognize your own worth and what makes you unique. The more we are able to move in self-acceptance of our own gifts the less we will be concerned with the need to fit in or be part of the pack. Be honest with yourself.

As Venus in a square to Uranus (in mutual reception with Neptune) the aspect could present us with a breakthrough solution to a dilemma. But it requires courage to listen to and follow the song in one’s heart. With Uranus the suggestion the solutions lie in the new, unknown and as yet unexplored. The answer to our prayers may lie off the beaten track.

With the Moon in Leo at this time, no doubt all this will come with it’s does of drama, but be playful and creative. As much as there maybe the desire and ability to break-free of unsatisfactory situations, push through doubt to make choices in awareness to bring the change you seek. What we seek is freedom “to” not so much freedom “from” something. Be imaginative, inspired and choose in trust knowing there IS no wrong choice.

Later this evening, Venus moves out of Gemini and ingresses Cancer at 9:57 PM EDT allowing us to tune in to the softer nature of the heart.


On another note, I’ve been working to update the Subscriber Service behind the scenes and starting this week Weekly Horoscopes will be sent out by email, avoiding the need to download reports each week.

Please check in with the Blog over the next few days to be informed of updates. Subscribers will be updated by email as well.

Thank you,

Priya Kale, NYC


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