Venus in Cancer trines Chiron in Pisces | Sun in Taurus sextiles Uranus in Pisces | Leo Moon reaches First Quarter and ingresses Virgo

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We are in an extremely transitional phase and the energy is shifting rapidly.

Venus entered Cancer late last night and trines Chiron in Pisces late Thursday EDT, bringing us a chance for healing after the recent upheavals.

Trines open up a flow of energy but to maximize their benefit they require a bit of effort. Immerse yourself in what brings you pleasure, comfort, nourishes and heals your heart.

Remember, sometimes the healing process begins with acknowledging one’s pain. Rather than retreating into ones shell to avoid being hurt, if we dare to be vulnerable and open, we are opening the channel for comfort and compassion to flow through.

Also today [Thursday] is the last day of the Sun’s passage through Taurus. As it enters Gemini on Friday and squares Chiron on the weekend, there is a whole new perspective being brought to awareness. We maybe divided in our consciousness but the soul “knows” a deeper truth.

Today, the Sun in Taurus sextiles Uranus in Pisces, infusing the energy with fertile possibilities. With both planets in the final degrees of the signs, they carry the full potency of the energy and this energy is due to spill over on the weekend.

The sextile is encouraging us to find fresh inspiration, see things in a different light and recognize the potential present. Stay true to your values, but be flexible, open and allow room for potentially, pleasurable surprises.

Late Thursday evening at 7:58 PM EDT the Moon ingresses Virgo, after squaring the Sun in Taurus from the last degree of Leo. We will be past the First Quarter of the Moon bringing us to a turning point from events that began at the time of the Taurus New Moon a week ago.

The energy right now is lush, creative and serendipitous, so dare to take a chance.

— Priya Kale, NYC

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