Venus squares Saturn and Uranus, Mars squares Neptune

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You don’t need astrology to know that we have a rather powerful week coming up. No doubt with the US presidential election tomorrow, no matter what happens, change is certain and this is as true of our personal lives. The astrology reflects exactly this and the planets make plenty of major aspects assuring us a busy charged week.

Overnight Venus squared the Saturn Uranus opposition, suggesting as far as our emotional and financial situations we have turned a corner. It is important you look to the future rather than the past, Uranus in Pisces suggests its time to break free of fears, real or imagined, without getting stuck staring at past limitations. There is some truth to the saying now, ‘there’s nothing to fear but fear itself.’ Also yesterday Neptune stationed direct and tonight a little after midnight here in NYC Mars in Scorpio will square the planet. Neptune stationing direct is a return of outward hope and idealism, after a period of inner seeking for truth. But now as Mars squares Neptune, I cannot stress importantly enough to keep a very HIGH level of discernment.

Also Ceres, one of the first four discovered asteroids ingresses Virgo today. Ceres has a strong association with Virgo as she represents aspects of nurturing, emotional and nutritional. While in Leo the energy may have felt more like a lioness protecting her cub, but now in Virgo we can get back to the more earthy aspects of healing.

Any time there are contacts between Mars and Neptune, transiting or within a natal chart it is important to keep a watch for deceptive influences. With the election tomorrow the aspect is almost predictably on cue and a warning sign to not believe every lie we are being told. In this case Neptune represents the media or what is being “presented” in Aquarius — the sign of the people. The recent information “leak” regarding Obama’s Aunt’s immigration status is a classic example of this aspect.

Right now it’s as, if not more, important that we look at what we are NOT being told, rather than what is being said — because it is likely a cover and a distraction to keep us from recognizing a darker reality. Mars in Scorpio suggests there is a deeper truth that is not being told, or just plain and simple manipulation. There is likely going to be a lot that comes up within these final few hours of the campaign. For all that I try to stay out of it, I must say the election has been on my mind. No matter who you decide to vote for, its important that you make this choice and remember your reasons for it.

This applies to our personal lives too, right now honesty is the only policy. Watch out for any denial or lies you may be tempted to tell, even to yourself. Remember, the truth always surfaces. Also its important that we watch out for projection and resolve this internally. There may be issues surrounding trust, which could translate into suspicious behavior. Again look at your own past patterns to see what may be causing you to mistrust and if it is founded or simply a projection.

Also look at patterns of past family abuse and dysfunction, (sexual or otherwise) and addictions or addictive behavior. Squares bring an inner resolution and release and its where we ‘turn a corner.’ Look at how these influences cause a toxic ripple effect in your life. If we want now, we can be free of these and transform on a core level.

We often see in others what we are feeling within ourself. It may be time to ask yourself what your true motivations are in a situation? Are you being completely honest with yourself? How about with the people in your life? If you are willing to dive deep you may come up with an answer that resonates on a soul level — your conscience always knows.

Truth will indeed set us free. (and thats as literal an interpretation for the aspect as I can give.)

Personally, I’ve been battling an oncoming attack of the flu, right about the time a major project has suddenly cropped up asking me to double my writing this week. Right now, I’m making like a good Taurean, slow and steady. I may have to cut back on my daily blogging until the Taurus Full Moon — not something I want to do, but may have to. Regardless, I will be back with the blog tomorrow with more on the astrology this week and updates to my daily blog schedule.



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