November Monthly Horoscopes

November Monthly Horoscopes by Priya Kale



You begin the month somewhat feeling like a stranger in a dark land. But you also know instinctively that your only path to a greater freedom requires you travel down this path in a complete surrender to the unknown. It is your most intimate emotional and financial involvements that seem to have you in their grip. But once again the lesson here is one of being willing to confront all the shadow material that arises from your involvement with others. It is crucial you use honesty as your flashlight through this process. Beware of denial or any deception, especially when it comes to your most secret fantasies and desires. There is a difference between lust and love, just as there is a difference between money, possessions and true value. There is nothing wrong with either as long as you are being honest about which is which. If you can be true to yourself and your passion above all you can indeed find the missing puzzle piece. Sexually and financially your ability to be bold is what will free you to explore that beckoning horizon.

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You are reaching a climax of epic proportions, one that is handing you your ticket to true emotional and financial freedom. What happens this month should blow any doubts out of the stratosphere regarding an important relationship or deal you’ve been trying to demystify. One powerful encounter may feel hotter than being in a blazing ring of fire. But you are Taurus and over the past decade you’ve learned a thing or two about your sexual and financial demons. It may call for a braver surrender than you feel you are capable of but consider this your final triumph over any false beliefs you have about any powerlessness in a situation. You are worth more than your weight in gold and this is an opportunity to meet someone on equal terms. This may mean looking at your contribution to the creation of any situation in your life. You are coming full circle from where you began this year, slaying the demons of a decade that prevented you from reaching that earthy, peak you seek. I would suggest you focus your energy at this time on seeking your highest ideals and focusing on a common vision you share,. You are embarking on a journey that is going to take you to far away places you’ve never been. But you already know you would walk on hot coals to get there.

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You are likely going to be fairly busy at work this month, even as your soul dreams of a seemingly distant fantasy. I would suggest above all you do what you can to take care of your health at this time. You need to take the phrase mind, body and spirit to a whole new level if you want to be ready for moment when it comes — and yes, it’s coming. But it will also require you to make peace with any criticism you may have received as a child telling you ‘you weren’t perfect enough’, or a tendency to be overly concerned about a particular matter surrounding your home and security. Worry causes unnecessary nervous energy, which isn’t good for the mind, body, spirit or your sanity. Instead try consciously doing something daily that takes you out of your comfort zone. This way you can get used to dealing with the perceived “fear” of the unknown. This is almost never as bad as your twin heads may have imagined it. Go tango dancing, seduce your partner in a completely new way, learn a musical instrument if you can afford to – (time being as important a factor as money) take a vacation. Sometime when you’re least expecting it, lurks your opportunity to make that big splash you’ve been thirsting for.

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You may be deeply confused about how about how you want to proceed within an important commitment that affects an important aspect of your freedom. What you are contemplating seems like a risk, but it doesn’t seem like you have much of a choice either. What you need now more than anything is discernment between fears caused by other peoples projections and a genuine warning sign and any denial. Even so what your chart clearly suggests now is if you trust your deepest instincts now you can have simultaneously have the security and freedom you seek, in order to explore distant horizons. What happens once you finally get there and start settling into a whole new routine is a whole new dilemma. For now just make sure you are being honest with yourself and the most important people in your life about what you unequivocally need from them. Whether its intimacy you seek, support, honesty or distance. Be bold and willing to speak about everything that has been left unsaid. There may have been a misunderstanding, or it may be that something confirms your suspicions but most certainly you will get to the bottom of the ocean and find the truth. And for sure nothing is more liberating than the truth.

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Home and family matters seem to be heating up, causing you to go undercover. But midmonth shines a spotlight on your career showing you a way to make your deepest desire a solid reality. It may be one that you have to work for over time with daily steady determination. But something happens that shows you clearly what you need to do next. Most definitely this involves an important partnership, which you may still be harboring deep doubts about. There is no doubt there is a corner to turn between intense possessive feelings and a thirst for independence. As are any tendencies you have towards any denial of feelings. Or the more secretive aspects of your inner make up that has its roots in childhood. Remember to ask yourself if your suspicions indeed have a base in reality or are they fears based deep in the past family patterns. Your childhood offers more clues to your most burning desires than you even dare think. But if you can now be bold, honest and willing to voice the things that only lurk in the darker corners of your mind you may indeed stumble upon a sublime truth. This may come in the form of a soul mate or a group of people who are important in your journey to the top.

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You are probably going to be too busy to even hear yourself think this month. But I suggest you make every effort to keep one eye on your greater altruistic mission. The one that keeps you going even with as you are being tested every step of the way by people who seem hell bent on defying some of your most important set of principles. It is your responsibility this month to make sure you are listening to yourself above all, yet being fluid enough to turn with the tide. You may have to get over any doubts you have about your abilities to heal those whose lives you touch. Or get over any denial about what you know your daily reality needs you to do. You will have at least one opportunity this month to have an honest conversation that requires you to re-establish boundaries within a relationship. That may mean that you use the strength of your experience to ground you, but not use it as a force for enforcing rules or authority over another. Any desire to manipulate will only backfire in the long run so keep a close level of discernment and healthy philosophical attitude through this process. Only the bold and beautiful truth has the power to bring you closer to the attaining the kind of security you crave. Leaving you free to get your knees messy in the sandbox of life again.

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You seem to be searching for clues about you feel about a situation or a relationship that has gotten deep beneath your skin. Although, another person seems as focused on the situation you as you are. This seems to be question about deep values. I suggest you dive deep into this process and not come up unless you have an answer. You seem to be coming up with more than one solution. Remember this isn’t an issue of morals; this is about uncovering the truth. Ask yourself if you are being honest about your deepest need for freedom. To be able to express yourself creatively, sexually you have to be able to separate your desires from the projections of the people around you. One liberating conversation could have you feeling like you are melting into a version of yourself you almost don’t recognize. When this light of clarity begins to shine, it may come as a deep realization of what someone or something means to you. This may feel like a trial by fire, but the more honest you can be in confronting your deepest perhaps even darker desires, what will come through is more like a golden statue of you rather than the pile of rubble you are afraid of. Remember this as you go through the next decade – true freedom, comes from true security and this is what you ultimately seek. When you feel safe, you can speak your mind and when you speak your mind, you will find you are safe.

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With the Sun and your ruler Mars in your sign and your other ruler Pluto about to change signs, you are fast molting into your next incarnation. A situation developing in your life now has the power to reflect to you a deep emotional truth. It may come down to a question of worth and you may still be wondering what you have to offer another when you yourself are in such a state of flux, unsure of who you are going to become when you are done with your transformation. Watch out for the lies you may be tempted to tell yourself, or the various forces of confusion that seem intent on invading your inner peace. I would suggest at this time you pay attention to those inner voices (this includes the people you call family) and keep a close discernment on the voice of truth and the voice of fear. One powerful encounter or realization mid-month to show you unequivocally how you feel about someone or something. They say, ‘show me who you love and I’ll tell you who you are.’ Indeed this relationship has the potential to reflect to you the true light that is your soul. But perhaps the real issue you are struggling with now is how to balance your need for a close committed relationship versus an inner need for wanting to be free and unattached. The solution to your dilemma may lie closer to home than you think and it has something to do with your grand ambition.

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You instinctively know something is changing deep within your psyche. You are at the end of a long journey of self-discovery and you can almost taste the moment of re-birth. But you may be a feeling like you don’t have all the information you need to make a key decision. By the end of the month Pluto will leave your sign, suggesting you need to look at the next few weeks as a period of unveiling of the truth of who you are. At this time I suggest you make it a priority voice to your thoughts and fears in all your communication with others. As the pressure surrounding a career situation mounts, something is comes to a light this month showing you that you indeed stand on solid ground. This in turn is handing you the key to the missing piece of the puzzle – which is your strong inner instincts that bless you with what to others seems like “luck.” It is important at this time that you trust in your own vision and not allow doubts and projections to creep in and cloud your clarity. You are learning just how much you have to offer and this is your key stabilizing an otherwise unpredictable family or home situation. And what you are looking at now is only the tip of the iceberg.

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Socially you’re buzzing, but within one relationship you seem to be caught between a struggle having to be a good friend but wanting a deeper emotional connection or creative release. I suggest you do everything you can to raise awareness within your self, about how you truly feel and then be willing to be bold and honest. The more you are willing to speak the truth even if it means you push past your own boundaries – you will find the answer you seek. Your deepest values are coming into question. How much do your friends influence how you feel about a certain situation close to your heart? What is it that you truly value? You need to keep a close discernment on what belongs to you and what is a product of other people’s imagination. You are making connections now that are opening up your horizons in more ways than one. You may be feeling the need for a radical change of ideas, but I suggest you still keep a sense of perspective on the bigger picture unfolding. You are really breaking through false ideas of what is and isn’t possible. This in turn is giving you a chance to reach for your highest ideals. The creative inspiration or romantic connection you seek is coming through your ability to believe in these and most important yourself.

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You may be feeling rather stuck regarding one career situation which seems to be the source of the most stress in your life. But above all you are learning of a deeper emotional hunger for stability. There is a feeling that other people in your life feel the need to enforce their authority on you. I suggest you not allow critical tendencies to stand in the way of you trusting yourself. As events unfold this month, I would suggest you ask yourself how much of your power you give away. At the end of the day you hold the elusive answer to finding this balance between need to be recognized and needing to feel some sense of stability within your most important commitments. It may feel like you don’t have all the facts, which is all the more reason for you to be bolder in bringing things to the surface. Raising awareness has always been your game, now you get to play it on a whole new level. You have more control within a situation surrounding your reputation than you think. If you are willing to be honest about what it is that you want, no matter what other people think, fate will conspire in way that you may just get it. And indeed your deepest wish is always soaked in a greater altruistic vision.

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As a Pisces you’ve been discovering just how bottomless your being is. Each time you discover a new level of depth you discover how much higher you can reach and how much further you can go. Right now you may be feeling a stranger in a foreign land. You may be seeking deeper clarity regarding the right way to proceed in an important conversation. Avoidance is not the answer, but if you can be bold enough to reveal your changing aspirations you will find that you have more support that you realize from your community and friends. But first it may mean recognizing that your aspirations are always in a state of evolution. There may a tendency towards wanting to keep your true dreams a secret for fear that they are too out there, dangerous, risky or based on a whim. But I suggest you let go any self-doubts and channel your energy into the pride and joy of your daily life. This will give your sub-conscience the much-needed breather to do “it’s” thing, resulting in a ‘soul’ution (I wanted to type solution – but I suppose this is a divine typo) to your current dilemma. And the more transparent you can be, the quicker will be the resolution.

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