Happy Halloween! Mars trines Uranus, Pluto trines Ceres

Dear Friends and Readers,

Happy Halloween, Samhein, All Saints Day! With the New Moon earlier this week we’re already swirling deep into the mystery of the season and they say tonight is when then ‘veil’ between this world and the ‘other’ is the thinnest, allowing for greater psychic activity. This is Scorpio territory where the boundaries between life and death merge, where the visible and invisible meet, when what can only be described as magick happens.

Today Mars sextiles Saturn and trine Uranus, suggesting a way out of an impossible battle for freedom without having to shatter something to pieces to break free. This weekend past critical tendencies need to be given up in favor of something melting deep within the soul.

Saturn is the planet that most represents the past and in Virgo there is a relentless reminder of the responsibilities we face. Mars in Scorpio can make magic happen through sheer determination for transformation; in a supportive aspect to Saturn at this time, suggests we have the strength of experience behind us.The trine to Uranus suggests we are making contact with something so unexpectedly divine, that we may rubbing our eyes for a long time with the change it creates if we are willing to take that risk and follow our heart.

With Uranus we can expect to be surprised with what happens, but this is a call for action based on your gut instincts. It may call for breaking through a few emotional walls. But the watery energy is opening up a flow of feeling and psychic connection revealing hidden depth to a situation. This is passion that needs to be explored and if it feels a little scary you’re probably on the right track. Dissolve the fear and allow yourself to be guided by the magnetic pull you are likely feeling.

This could be an extremely creative as well as sexual release, with enough power to help us breakthrough boundaries and patterns that keep us tied to the past. Don’t be afraid to dive in deep, its almost like theres a treasure chest waiting to reveal its secrets for those brave enough to dare. Alignments this weekend are setting the stage for the coming month full of intrigue, surprise and major shifts. At the end of the month, after a powerful Taurus Full Moon mid-month, Pluto changes signs to Capricorn on the same day as Uranus stations direct. This is pretty incredible timing, suggesting change once it comes is going to very real, rapid and lasting.

As we enter November, there is another powerful aspect taking place tomorrow. Pluto trines Ceres now in the last degree of Leo, which to me feels like a cosmic mother offering a protective shield. There may be a need now to feel nurtured and appreciated for our talents and abilities. Creative expression of this energy may offer release but we can take a look at the mythology of Pluto and Ceres to give us a deeper look at what it implies.

Ceres was the Goddess before whom, even Pluto the God of the Underworld had to surrender. For us to receive the assurance we seek we may first have to let go of the belief that we are alone in this world, or that there is more pain than joy, more darkness than light, more death than life. This is the final stretch of Pluto in Sagittarius awakening us to a higher truth. Take pride in your talents, don’t underestimate your need for affection and a release for creativity to heal the wounded inner child. Seek it, it is available to you and you are indeed being watched over in divine nurturing love.

I leave you for now, its late here in NYC and I’ve been feeling this energy rather intensely so hopefully I’ll get some sleep tonight. I hope you have a safe weekend filled with magic and surrender. Also, a very Happy Birthday to Cole and Niles, the two most magical people I know. May your day and year ahead leave you quivering with joy, as your wildest dreams come true! You are blessed and loved… and I am grateful for you.

With love,



The photograph above was sent to me by my dear client Jean from Ireland, who happened to be traveling the country this past week and had a chance to visit the gravesite of W.B. Yeats in Drumcliff. This is a famous cross in Drumcliffe that dates back to the 9th century. I thought it was a stunning picture and as a friend I sent it to aptly described it, “Rough, hewn on the edges of life, soft, gently held by the sky with the clouds applauding…that is a true IRISH Cross.”


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