Venus conjuncts Great Attractor, Juno conjuncts Pluto

No matter how ‘on top’ of the transits I think I am a couple always slip by me until I get to writing the blog. Early in the morning in the US, two powerful conjunctions in Sagittarius take place less than a minute apart; Venus conjuncts the Great Attractor and Pluto conjuncts Juno, putting the spotlight on relationships. With all the planets in Sagittarius and the Moon set to move into the sign later in the day, we can expect the revelations to continue to surface. Conjunctions fuse planetary energies together; in a fiery sign, we can expect palpable heat and the Moon in Scorpio at this time suggests its a fire of the soul.

The Great Attractor is a massive black hole, drawing thousands of galaxies towards it including our own. In astrology this point has a strong polarizing influence and the ability to attract a great many into its world. People with this point prominently placed in their chart will likely garner strong reactions from people due to this deeply polarizing effect. This can be deeply overwhelming for the “mind” to comprehend unless we are able to transcend duality. Venus’ conjunction suggests we may experience some of this overwhelming desire and passion. There is a feeling of the heart being blasted open to a divine truth, where only love can remain after everything else has been sucked away into the darkness. Creatively as well — don’t underestimate the power of the creation to go beyond the ego of the creator and be birthed into a larger world.

Venus is also now inching closer to her conjunction to Pluto around the time of the Full Moon. Their last conjunction in the sign took place in January this year and now we are nearing the end and beginning of a new emotional and creative cycle. This also marks a larger unfolding story of Pluto’s last few weeks in the sign intensifying the sexual energy during this already supremely charged Scorpio season. Now as Juno conjuncts Pluto in the last degree of the sign before ingressing Capricorn. This seems to be a loud and clear signal for us to take a look at our relationships, stop fantasizing and start now building something earthy and real.

Juno was one of the first few discovered asteroids and is a powerful Goddess of the Pantheon. She was Jupiter’s wife and tolerated many of his trysts and infidelities. She is what we would consider to astrologically represent a ‘marriage’ in the traditional sense of the word. In Sagittarius, we’ve been learning the importance of honesty, freedom and faith within our relationships. As this conjunction takes place, its like our relationships are being put through the ring of fire to purify and leave behind only that which is solid and of value.

There is more than a touch of divinity in these aspects, in fact its cascading. Relationships we are forming now do have the potential to impact a greater world through their message, which is essentially one drawing us deeper into the divine. Juno although fiercely loyal, can often represent the bone of contention that stands between two people (I call it — the last gasp of the ego) that prevents the relationship from being utterly fulfilling. But in Sagittarius and with Pluto we are learning that a true spiritual connection transcends all — even in the face of the darkest reality or truth. Indeed what is love if it can’t survive a fight? Relationships can change, rules may change but I don’t think “love” ever changes. A relationship needs to be measured in terms of not what another “gives” us but what he or she “awakens” within us.

No doubt there is an immense transformation underway and something profound is changing within all relationships. I feel the touch of God’s hand here molding and melting us into surrender. Earlier today, I was thinking to myself, indeed how does one ever know if they are in love, or have been touched by love? I feel the “proof” of love lies in its power to transform the soul. Its ability to change something so deep within our heart that we are never the same after we’ve experienced it. So that everything that comes after, is tinged with the radiating essence of a person who has evolved. If anything love is the catalyst that permeates and dissolves the ego — which is ultimately the reason for this “bone of contention” we face. It is the ego that divides.

We are beginning a new cycle within our relationships and it is time to purge any false beliefs or ideologies that stand in the way of truly “connecting” on a soul level. The Moon remains in Scorpio for most of the day and enters Sagittarius around 5PM EST, so we can expect things to get a lot lighter after that. It’s like we’re coming up for air after a truly deep dive to the bottom. There is more passion in the air now than I can explain — sexually, emotionally, creatively and financially. If we are willing to “listen” to a higher truth and speak it, there can be a feeling of exhilarating freedom. There is something truly divine unfolding, if we choose to trust it.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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