Mercury trines Pallas and Neptune, Moon in Scorpio

We are now standing under the sliver of a Scorpio New Moon that took place yesterday evening in New York. It was a started off as miserably rainy day, that predictably got more intense and magical as it progressed. The period right before a New Moon is always an intense time of release and letting go and in Scorpio it take place at a soul level, which may explain why certain situations have seemed so gut wrenching.

But New Moons carry seeds of beginnings and in Scorpio, we are rising from the ashes and stepping out of shadows into the light. Today also marks the Hindu New Year, which takes place each year the day after the New Moon in Scorpio symbolic of a re-birth celebrating the light. As aspects take place and the week progresses, we are undeniably going to see the signs of positive change waiting to rush in like the tide in the most unexpected ways, with just a little effort on our part.

With the Moon in Scorpio and Mercury forming a grand air trine with Neptune and Pallas, we have the opportunity a for deep, soulful communication. Financially and emotionally, If you have a vision and are willing to work toward an altruistic outcome, much is possible and can be gained. This will be the third and final time Mercury trines Neptune before it moves out of its echo phase, suggesting an elusive conversation could finally bring much needed clarity and understanding to a situation.

Avoid getting caught up in a swirl of thought and be willing to find that point of release. Mercury opposes Eris in Aries which may be offering us a clue to breaking out of repetitive thought patterns or feeling like we are having the same conversation again. Mercury in Libra likes to weigh up options in the mind, trining Neptune and Pallas — not only are there two sides to a story, but there is also a greater collective truth present and beaming.

Eris in Aries is deeply symbolic of an inner sense of fragmentation, which each one of us carries inherently living in the world today. Eris asks us, do you really know what you want? How are things different today than they were a month ago, how are you different today? It seems there’s an answer blowing somewhere in the wind.

Or perhaps as the watery Scorpio Moon suggests, stirring deep in your soul.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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