Scorpio New Moon and Audio Update

Welcome to the Scorpio New Moon! If you haven’t felt it yet there is a powerful undercurrent pulling us into the future and it all begins with recognizing the value of surrender. I am posting an excerpt from the Scorpio New Moon report in place of today’s blog below and you can read another short excerpt here at this link.

Also, the Audio Forecasts for this week have now been updated to the site. If you are not a subscriber you can listen to the sample forecast for last week at this link. As a one time offer, your first week of subscription to the service is free and $7.99 monthly thereafter. This also includes the current Scorpio New Moon report of over 3500 words, with a detailed interpretation of the aspects taking place at the time of this lunation and the change it heralds. This is also available as a one-time purchase of only $2.49


Scorpio New Moon Report, Oct. 28, 2008. An excerpt —

“Mars is the planet of war, anger, passion, drive, desire and a sexual force. Squares make things happen, Chiron is direct and it seems an electric consciousness is arising. There is an almost surgical feel to this energy, be it on a physical, emotional, spiritual or psychic level it feels like something is being dissected so it can be healed. This can be a painful process, Mars in its home sign, Scorpio works its transformation in direct process of confrontation. We may be learning a few painful truths, likely revealing we are all more alike – than we are different. Chiron is also now conjunct with the North Node and in Aquarius representing the “people” and our collective consciousness. Don’t be surprised at the power of each of us to affect change in this world we live in. There is a feeling of something just reaching a turning point where people have had enough and you can expect to see more signs of this in the news.

“Squares ask for an inner understanding and release rather than projection. Truly, if we were all to take responsibility for our own emotions and projections we could be well on our way to having the kind of intimacy and sexual freedom we desire in our relationships. Mars in Scorpio is calling attention to the darker aspects of our psyche so they can be transformed consciously. Jealousy, possessiveness, manipulation, control and desire are all coming to the surface, but met with Chiron, we have a choice. Do we live in the bondage of our demons, allowing them to seep unconsciously into our life patterns – manifesting in chaos and self-destruction? Or do we rise above?…

… If you want to know what happens in that moment of sublimation, in that magical space between ‘life’ and ‘death’ ask a Scorpio near you… I did, and this is was his sublime truth…”

Dream of Mercy…

I dreamed of walking through

Emerald forest…hanging all

The worries and weights of my body,

My soul

Upon thick UNEVEN


I felt the wind blow the

Dust out from within this

Wounded temple. I heard the whimpering

Cries of

(old) grief come

to have a say.

This grief felt so laden, so familiar,

All the years of want and the scars of

Letting go, all came out of this

Unsayable said.

The trees dared me

To let this

Grief hollow out my bones with mercy,

To paint the walls of my heart, the colors of

White & black. I have failed this challenge

Before, these

Pregnant opportunities to be held

By an urgent compassion.

Too often I have walked away, full of myself

And empty of my truth. But today,

Today I dreamed of walking through

Emerald forest

My fingers tracing poems in the

Worn flesh of their bark…

— Niles U. Comer

On that note I take your leave. Here’s wishing you a magical Scorpio New Moon…

Yours truly,

Priya Kale, NYC, Oct. 28, 2008

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