Happy Diwali… Mars squares Chiron

Hello everyone and Happy Diwali,

I just returned from listening to some jazz on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. I was at dinner with my brother celebrating the first day of Diwali. Not the most traditional celebration I know, but in the end its family that counts. Its the festive times like these that I miss being home in India the most, but having one of the most important people in my life around, helps.

Hindus follow the lunar calender much like the pagan religions, and Diwali celebrations coincide with the Scorpio New Moon which we are now edging towards. Diwali translated is ‘the festival of lights’ and it marks the triumph of light over darkness — very much Scorpio territory. This is one of the most largely celebrated festivals in India; the skies are lit with fireworks, and homes lit with lamps and lanterns in the windows, the air dense with the scent of the changing seasons. The Hindu New Year is celebrated the day after the New Moon, aptly symbolizing a soul rebirth.

Now as we edge towards this powerful New Moon tomorrow, today is a test of our ability to raise awareness without giving in to denial. Mars squares Chiron today, operating on painful wounds so they can be healed. Chiron station direct last week in Aquarius and the square suggests the transformation is coming hard and fast. Sooner we are able to confront our pain, the sooner we can be liberated from it. Holding on to the past right now is only going to feel like shoving a finger in an open or healing wound.

Things are turning and changing more than we know, and that includes us. We are now building up to powerful aspects in the sky this week and no matter how dark or difficult things seem right now, trust the Sun is about to shine through the clouds. The time before the New Moon is always an intense time with no light in the sky to shine the way we have to rely on our inner guidance and instincts.

Be honest today, with yourself and the people in your life. There are some painful truths that need to be confronted. Own your own scars and avoid projection, we alone are responsible and capable of resolving these issues we face. What have you been doing to please people? What do you expect in return? Do the two match up? If not, which one of those aspects do you need to re-evaluate? Only awareness will see us through and if we are willing to talk about our truth there may be deep healing of wounds that have more to do with the past than the present.

— Priya Kale, NYC

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