Venus trines Neptune

Wow… is all I can say. The energy of this Full Moon is certainly thundering and releasing a lot of pent up emotion and communication has been especially whacky. I ended up recording this weeks audio’s 2 times thanks to the gremlins, not to mention my hand is showing signs of carpal tunnel syndrome

Today Venus trines Neptune still in close conjunction to Mars and Mercury. Please re-read the post for the Pisces Full Moon, it contains the astrology we are living in now. Reach for your highest, truest, purest vision. Take advantage of the sense of idealism that is struggling to release itself from the depths of your heart. With Mars and Mercury present its going to be easier to talk the talk and walk the walk too. So use this time in your life wisely.

Maybe this is what makes me such an idealistic person at times when things seem not so bright. I have a natal Mars and Venus conjunction that trines Neptune in my chart. People say I am happy-go-lucky, perhaps thats true but I also know the vision in my heart is too beautiful to allow anyone or anything take it away from me.

I’m off to the park with my friend Kevin to enjoy the sun set on this beautiful day in the city. Take care and catch you soon.



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